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Invisible Theatre Audition for NOW AND THEN by Sean Grennan


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Invisible Theatre Announces




Monday, April 29, 2019 at 5:30 PM


At Invisible Theatre

1400 N. First Avenue (at the corner of Drachman)



NOW AND THEN by Sean Grennan

September 10 - 22, 2019 (rehearsals begin in August)


A magical romantic comedy-drama about love and its unpredictable ways. Jamie is a young aspiring pianist working as a bartender when an amiable older gentleman enters and engages him in a friendly conversation. Jamie's girlfriend Abby comes in and before you know it, the gentleman offers them a thousand dollars – each – to sit and just talk with him for one hour. They agree, and what they hear is an incredible story that changes their lives. This surprising fable about what it means to really love someone will touch your heart in unexpected ways.


CHARACTERS: (In order of appearance.)


PRECAST:  Michael Woodson

MAN - Mid 60's, a bit beaten down but good-natured. Easy to talk to, well spoken, sincere and very intent

on his mission tonight. Husband of 35 years to WOMAN. He is desperate.


JAMIE:  Late 20's-early 30's

Bartender and aspiring pianist. Attractive in a regular guy way, fit, sincere, hardworking,

very much in love with ABBY.


ABBY:  Late 20's-early 30's

IHOP waitress and one time English major, attractive and funny, very much in love with JAMIE.


WOMAN:  Mid 60's or a bit younger

Strong, direct, loving, a little coarse. She is MAN's wife of 35 years. No one knows her like he does and

no one knows him like she. She and MAN bicker but there is a bedrock of love there. They'd do anything for each other and no one can hurt either of them like the other. 


All positions are paid.


Sides will be available after April 19 at the Invisible Theatre (1400 N. First Ave)

between 10 am and 3 pm Monday-Thursday. 


People must sign up by calling Alayna Voutsas at (520) 884-0672

or email



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