Friday, April 19, 2019

TIM Comedy Theater: Pilot Season Episode 2


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TIM Comedy Theater

A Soap Opera Made Up For Real!

Ever wish TV was a little less scripted? Stopped paying for cable six months ago and miss the feeling of watching television live? Well, you're in luck, because Pilot Season will perform an episode from a made-up TV show based entirely on suggestions from you.

Watch a Soap Opera be created before your very eyes every Saturday night at 9 pm at the TIM Comedy Theater. You'll NEVER get another chance to see this episode ever again, so you'd better not miss it, because you won't find this show on your DVR!

Pilot Season Cast: Matt Tropman, Esther Brilliant, Amanda TennysonZack Armstrong, Susan Littlelion, Timmy Bot and Kallie Siderewicz.




This Week's Show Schedule

Friday Night
7:30 PM - Improv Happy Hour (Improv 201 + The Riveters)
9 PM - The Soap Box featuring Not So Good Friday, Tales of an Urban Missionary with AmandaRochelle

Saturday Night
7:30 PM - Improv Throwdown
9 PM - ¿Cómo se Dice? + Jess n Dave + Pilot Season







New Classes Starting Soon

Are you looking to have more fun this spring and find a new community of friends?  If so join classes at the TIM Comedy Theater. TIM provides classes for all ages of students, from youth to adults.

Improv 101 Starts Saturday, May 25th at 4 pm with Emily Areinoff
Improv 201 Starts Tuesday, May 28th at 6 pm with Susan Leonetti
Improv 301 Starts Tuesday, April 23rd at 6 pm with Zack Armstrong











Two teams battle it out for the "street cred" every Saturday at 7:30pm!




The Soap Box is TIM's flagship show, Friday nights at 9 PM!




TIM's OG all female team brings the laughter Friday night at 7:30pm!






A show for the kid in all of us every Second Saturday at 2pm!


Tucson Improv Movement

414 E 9th Street

Tucson, AZ 85705



Tucson Theatre Announcement List for subscription information





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