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Unscrewed Theater Kids and Teens Summer Classes!


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Unscrewed Theater Announces Summer lmprov Classes for
Kids and Teens


Tucson, AZ — Unscrewed Theater is thrilled to announce summer 2019 improv classes for kids and teens, grades 3-12. Classes for kids and teens are part of the В1ох series of classes offered by Unscrewed Theater through the Unscrewed Center Training program. Students wi11 explore the same elements of improv as our adult classes: agreement, listening, teamwork, and making good choices.

KidBlox -lmprov Fun(damentals) is а four-week course for kids in grades 3 through 6. Classes meet on Sunday mornings from l0am to 11:15ат. Students in lmprov Fun(damentals) wi11 learn essential improv skills through theater games. lmprov Fun(damentals) wi11 be offered twice, once in June (Sundays, June 2-23) and once in Ји1у (Sundays, Ји1у 7-28). Each course includes а Showcase pen`ormance during the last session for parents and family.

Two TeenBlox courses wi11 be offered, each four weeks 1ong, for students in grades 7 through 12. Classes meet on Sundays from noon to 1:30рт. 1n June (Sundays, June 2-23), TeenBlox -lmprov lntro wi11 introduce the basic concepts of improvisation. 1n Ји1у (Sundays, Ји1у 7-28), TeenBlox -lmprov lntermediate wi11 develop the concepts from the introductory class further. Each TeenBlox course includes а pubІic Showcase performance for friends and family.

"We're excited to undertake this new expansion of the Training program and bring kids and teens into the fun of improv. Kids are natural improvisers, and we've gathered а team of fantastic teachers and facilitators — experienced teachers and improv performers, themselves — to take that natural рlау and find both pen`ormance applications and, far more importantly, have lots of fun making things up, said Су Barlow, coordinator of the Unscrewed Theater youth courses.

Details and enrollment information can be found at

About Unscrewed Theater

Unscrewed Theater is а 501(с)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching, pen`orming, and producing а11 forms of live improvisational theater in Tucson, AZ. Unscrewed Theater, Tucson's first theater dedicated to improv, opened in 2014. With regular performances every Friday and Saturday evening, Unscrewed Theater presents both family-friendly and adults-only uncensored improv comedy shows by а variety of house teams. The Unscrewed Center Training program offers classes and workshops in improv year-round.



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