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Tucson Fringe Festival: 10 Reasons To Attend Beer With The Bard


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10 Reasons To Attend our 5th Annual

Beer With the Bard

on Sunday April 28th

tickets and info:


1 - You like supporting local businesses - All three of our venues this year are locally owned and operated. We're super happy to continue our partnership with SkyBar and Cafe Passe, and we're beyond excited to welcome The Boxyard to our Fringe Family.

2 - Who's got time for a full length Shakespeare play? Not many people, right? We bring you Shakespeare's Greatest Hits. The most dramatic, the funniest, the best one liners. You'll get snippets of 14 plays in just under two hours.

3 - You like beer... or wine... or juice... or hanging out with people. You don't have to drink beer, or drink at all, to enjoy Beer With The Bard. Most of the fun comes from seeing some great performances in a place where you can relax and enjoy the performances with your friends. 

4 - You made a New Year's Resolution to get out more, and here it is April and you're still on the couch in your jammies. If you've been to Beer With The Bard before, you know how fun it is. But if you've never been, give it a shot! This event is like no other in Tucson -  some beverages, some food, and a whole lot of great entertainment. And Sunday the 28th should be perfect Tucson late-spring weather. Great day for a short walk down 4th Ave.

5- That tax return was a little slimmer than it's been in years past. Ouch, right? Well wristbands for this event are just $10.

6 - Uncle Sam was good to you this year (or you're better at planning ahead than I am) and you want the VIP experience. For $25 you can get your drink tickets pre-paid and special VIP seating at each venue. (VIP passes on sale thru Wednesday April 24) 

7 - You want a chance to show off your Shakespeare knowledge. Throughout the event we'll be asking trivia questions. If you know the answer  you could win some sweet Shakespeare or Fringe swag. 

8 - You've still got your 2019 Fringe Festival button (the orange one) and you don't know what to do with it. That little guy gets you $3 off your Beer With The Bard ticket / wristband.

9- You're interested in volunteering with Fringe and want to meet the staff in a relaxed environment. Our staff will be on hand during both tours and after to answer any questions you  may have.

10 - You'll be home in plenty of time to watch Game of Thrones. Our two-hour tours start at 1pm and 2pm. So even if you stay at the Boxyard for some tacos or a sandwich after the entertainment is over, you'll still have Sunday evening to Netflix and chill... or whatever you do on a Sunday night. We don't judge.


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