Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tucson: Announcing the launch of the new


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If anyone thought they'd heard the last of Chuck Graham -- guess again! Check out

This is our first edition of Let The Show Begin, a website that will be my way to continue contributing more vitality to Tucson's arts community.

Our website concept began back in February when Bernice Chesi encouraged me to believe there would be life after the Tucson Citizen closed.

Webmaster Bill Dell liked the idea so much he invited us to be part of his website at  Graphic artist  and arts lover Kathy Liddiard volunteered her talents to help design our portion of Bill's website, which she appropriately named Let The Show Begin.

Take a look at our newborn creation, which all of us will nourish and develop. Our goal is to cover more of the arts, in more detail, than I could do at the Citizen.

So please let us know your thoughts and stop by often. We hope all of Tucson's artistic directors and arts presenters will put a notice about our website into their playbills and progams. My reviews of your shows will be online the day after opening night. Your audience can read about  your show here many days before a review will appear in any print publication. The review will stay online as long as the show is running.

Together we can combine our creativity to Let YOUR Show Begin.

Break a leg,
Chuck Graham

                                                                                                      In it for the love:
                                                                                                     Chuck Graham, arts critic/columnist
                                                                                                     Bernice Chesi, project coordinator
                                                                                                     Bill Dell. webmaster
                                                                                                     Kathy Liddiard, graphics designer

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