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Tucson: AzActionfortheArts - Act Now: All Budget Proposals Are Out


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URGENT - Act Now


URGENT - Act Now: All Budget Proposals Are Out

Arizona's Arts Industry Faces Another Hit



The Arizona Senate passed its budget last night and the effect is potentially devastating to the arts.

 Key components include:

• Sweeping the remaining nearly $15 million from Arizona ArtShare after taking $5 million earlier this year

• Cutting Arizona Commission on the Arts appropriations by more than 70% after cutting $437,000 earlier this year.  That doesn’t even leave enough to match requirements for Federal funding, which would also be lost.

 This vote is beyond unacceptable.   More than 50,000 jobs are at risk as are arts education programs that serve more than 1.7 million of our children, not to mention the loss of critical grant dollars to hundreds of arts and cultural organizations statewide already reeling from the current economy.

It is imperative that we take action NOW.

• Call or email your State Senators and tell them how incredibly disappointed you are with a vote that will wreak havoc on the Arizona Arts Industry and your community.

• Contact your State Representatives and ask them to find the courage to vote NO on the budget.

 We need your help and so does every arts organization in Arizona!

 Tell your Legislators about specific programs in your area and how important they are to your community’s quality of life and economic development. Tell them specifically how the arts have touched you, your family and your neighbors. Ask your Legislators to protect the arts in Arizona!  


Call or send personal notes. Phone numbers and email addresses can be found on our Legislative page


Don’t delay! The time to ACT is NOW!

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