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Tucson: Action Alert!!! Access Tucson could be shut down on Tuesday

If a the city council does not change the vote they already passed, then Access Tucson is no more.


Action Alert!!!

Access Tucson could be shut down on Tuesday. You need to speak up immediately.

We don't think the Mayor and City Council meant to terminate Access Tucson, ending its 25 year commitment to serving individuals, community groups and cable subscribers. Still, that would be the effect if Tuesday's 4-2 vote (Uhlich and Fimbres voting no, Romero not in attendance) to cut funding to most "outside agencies" by 60% stands.  We think the City fought much too hard to secure funding for Access Tucson and the government channel (Tucson 12) in the cable license negotiations a couple years ago for them to turn around now and permanently pull the plug. 

Councilman Steve Kozachik is on the right track, asking City Manager Mike Letcher to come back with a plan to co-locate or combine in some fashion

Tucson 12 with Access Tucson.


Here's why that makes sense:

By moving Tucson 12 in with Access Tucson, the City would save the rent it pays for Tucson 12's class-A space in the Pioneer Building.

Together, Access Tucson and Channel 12 are stronger and combined could be supported by the $1.38 a month that Tucson Cox subscribers pay on their monthly bills. 

If the City cuts Access Tucson but not Tucson 12, there could be a constitutional challenge.  Would it be legal for the government to eliminate the public's right to speak while preserving its own TV channel? 


Public Access to cable must be provided under Tucson law but without adequate funding it is meaningless. 


A true partnership between the City and Access Tucson would meet the City's objectives of saving money, avoiding duplicate expenses, giving cable subscribers the services they're paying for, and preserving Access Tucson's ability to serve the community.


The Mayor and Council will vote on this Tuesday!  Please take just a few minutes by calling them or emailing them TODAY!



(520)  791-4201


Ward 1:

(520)  791-4040


Ward 2:

(520) 791-4687


Ward 3:

(520)  791-4711


Ward 4:

(520)  791-3199


Ward 5:

(520)  791-4231


Ward 6:

(520)  791-4601



Or you can try emailing them all at once by clicking here (may not work with all email programs).


You can also support this effort by writing a letter to the editor of the Arizona Daily Star.


And please attend the Mayor and Council meeting on Tuesday 1/12 at the Leo Rich Theater (Tucson Convention Center, 260 S. Church Avenue). Study session begins at 2pm and the regular meeting starts at 5:30pm.


Let's fight to keep the doors open and the lights on at Access Tucson. It's your public media and your right.

Thank you and please contact Sam Behrend, Executive Director or call Access Tucson at (520) 624-9833 if you have any questions.


Programming Highlights

If it's lights out for Access Tucson, this is the kind of amazing programming you will be missing.

Ken Gardiner's Almost Hollywood (27:02)
Producer Ken Gardiner, the "Maestro" of the green screen, has made more than 80 short comedies and dramas in the past 25 years. Many of them were produced right here at Access Tucson. In this new series, see Ken's award winning work--both the old and the new.

Thursdays at 10pm
Sundays at 6pm
Access Tucson channel 73* (Comcast) / 98 (Cox)

The Red Planet: The Mysteries of Mars
Many have followed the University of Arizona's Mission to Mars project. Now see another perspective. Local producer Jim Rodger features astronomer Tom Van Flandern Ph.D and physicist Claude Swanson Ph.D. in his documentary, The Red Planet. One mystery Flandern examines is the various monuments (the Cydonia face, the Crown face, and Nefertiti) on Mars. Are they really tricks of light and shadow as NASA reported back in 1973?

Cablecasting for the month of January:
Thursdays at 12am (Wednesdays at midnight) on Access Tucson channel 73* (Comcast) / 98 (Cox)
Sundays at 8:30pm on Access Tucson channel 72* (Comcast) / 120* (Cox)

La Americana
Presented as part of our FSTV documentary series, La Americana shows how immigration policy affects families on both sides of the border. When nine-year-old Carla suffers a life-threatening accident, her mother, Carmen, must leave her behind and make the dangerous and illegal journey from Bolivia to the U.S., where she hopes to earn enough to save her daughter's life.

Saturday 1/9 and 1/16 at 6pm
Access Tucson channel 74 (Comcast) / 99 (Cox)

not all channels are available in all areas - FAQ

now playing


Cablecast Lottery Update

Due to the devastating situation described above in the Action Alert, Access Tucson has decided to put a hold on the cablecast lottery. We will keep you updated as events unfold. If you have any questions, please email
Vikki Dempsey, Program Manager or call (520) 624-9833 x 126.


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