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Tucson: Voice Over Actors needed for Short Animation

Voice Over Actors needed for Short Animation!!!

posted: January 20, 2010, 10:56 AM

Auditions BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Feb. 6 & 7, 2010. The Great Earth Protector is a short animation about a Native American/African American superhero. The animation will not be finished before the start of voice over recording, voice over actors will record audio without a visual guiding timing. Please email Michell at to schedule an audition time.

Please prepare various versions for the same character and try out for as many characters as you want!

Character list:

Darnell: Male, Approx. 25. Native American and African American. Growing up Darnell thought he was special, but life just hasn’t been easy or special for him. He tries hard but never finds success in the “real world.” He does not speak perfect English nor with a Native American accent. He is unaware of who he is and needs to reunite with his spirit to reclaim his identity.

Darnell’s Spirit: All knowing, Native American accent.

Aunt Tracey: 40’s. “Mother figure” Nurturing & kind, Darnell’s caretaker when his mother is not. Slight Southern accent.

Chief Manitou (2 lines): 40’s. Leader of the Hunting Natives in 1000 A.D. Leads the search to kill Darnell. Thick Native American Accent.

Chief Winutou: 30’s. Descendent of Manitou. He is the 21st Century leader of the pack hunting Darnell.

DiscJockey: Bubbly energetic radio personality

Mother Earth, Gaea: 20’s-30’s. Kind and gentle, no obvious race in physical appearance or speech. She is racially ambiguous.

Gawonii: 18 and 1,020 years old. Native Shaman and protector of History. Generations in his family have been trained to wait for the return of the Great Earth Protector to help him realize who he is.

Gawonii’s Father (4 lines): 1,110 years old.

Hunter 1: From 1000 A.D. Part of Manitou’s Army (1 line)

Hunter 2: From 1000 A.D. Part of Manitou’s Army (2 lines)

Hunter 3: From 1000 A.D. Part of Manitou’s Army (1 line)

Hunter 4: From 21st century, part of Winutou’s army.

Native Man: Stern quite, mysterious. (2 lines)

Yuri Rose: 40’s. Confident and spiritual Psychic. Slightly overweight.

Salary/Wage: Unpaid
Education: N/A
Status: Temp/Contract
Shift: Days, Nights and Weekends

• Location: Tucson, AZ


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