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Part One: The Dillinger Diamonds

TUCSON, ARIZ (April 17, 2012) –  Deceit. Lust. And of course, murder - all the makings of an intriguing mystery.  As guests gather for dinner in The Copper Hall, the room suddenly goes dark and the drama begins.  An obnoxious guest is found dead on the floor… and the sensual siren’s $500,000 diamond necklace is missing. 

Where did the singing star get the necklace?  Why was an infamous jewel thief at the dinner?  Were the diamonds the motivation for the murder?  Everyone has a motive, and everyone is a suspect!

The Copper Hall becomes a crime scene as acting troupe Murder Mayhem performs their own version of the interactive murder mystery theatre with the Hotel Congress as the setting.   Accusations fly and the mystery unravels over the evening complete with a 3-course gourmet dinner, live entertainment, comedy, prizes, party favors and more.  There will also be a best-dressed contest and guests are encouraged to dress in their best 1930’s style attire.

Murder Mystery Part One: The Dillinger Diamonds will take place on Friday, May 25 at 6:30pm, with an encore performance on Saturday, May 26.  The evening will begin with a cocktail reception in the Hotel Congress Lobby, before dinner at 7:30 in Copper Hall. 

Tickets are $40/person or $350/table of 10 people.  Purchase tickets online at or call Nora at Hotel Congress at (520) 622-8848.

The colorful cast of characters includes:

Ron Dickles/MC - (Sheldon Metz) The world-famous comedian who carries big sway at the HOTEL CONGRESS. He’s their big-name headline act every year. He is married to Pipsy Piddle, the equally famous, fabulous, foxy, feline, fantastic, femme fatale club chanteuse. He made her a star and he’s extremely jealous. However, he has a fetish for other female singers and has secrets even his wife doesn’t know. He tells her of the very real rumor about some expensive piece of stolen jewelry stashed in secret by John Dillinger.

Pipsy Piddle - (Jolene Heiser) Ron Dickle’s wife. Splendid, superb, stunning, sensational, spectacular, sensual, sumptuous and kind. Since she’s planning to leave Dickles, she’s been looking for her next meal ticket. She received, and now possesses, the one item everyone seems to be after - the $500,000 necklace that was once stolen from a bank vault by John Dillinger. Or was it?

Fulla Merde - (Charlie Middagh) A seemingly drunk hotel guest, he’s supposedly been drinking since New Year’s Eve, when his beautiful girlfriend dumped him for an usher at the Rialto Theatre.  He’s really an underground enforcer for the mob boss, Gino “Big G’ Garofalo. He’s been on a big bender. Blitzed, bombed, blotto, blasted, besotted, buzzed and blind. He’s in Tucson, secretly trying to find out if the rumor about the “stash” left by Dillinger is true, and decides to find it for his own gain. 

Jonathan Walkout - (John Vornholt ) - Hotel Manager of the Hotel Congress. He was previously an agent with Interpol, and knows of the rumor of the “stash.” He is systematic, streamlined, skillful, scientific, structured, sensible and suspicious.  He got the job at the Hotel with the hope of finding the “stash.” For what purpose?

Lazlo Montalmal (Craig Howard) - The suave, debonair, handsome, wealthy, international jewel thief, not unfamiliar in the use of arms, be they a Colt; a Winchester or a female.  He is Basque, but was born and raised in Paris...Texas…and can’t speak a word of French. His eye for jewels is unique, always able to tell the real from the fake - but what about Pipsy? 

Buford Q. Butler - (George Spelvin) Sheriff’s Junior Lieutenant Detective Second Class. He knows where the secrets lie. A bumbling, blundering, botched, buffoonish, butterfingered, blithering, badgering, bellicose problem solver, he always gets his man... or woman... or other. He was previously an agent with Interpol.

Maude Kluck - (Kim Brooke) The Hotel Congress’ 93-year-old house-maid. She saw John Dillinger walk out the front door of the Hotel Congress when she was a child, in 1934. She knew this was the place she wanted to work... and catch a good-looking gangster-husband. She’s still there, single. After thirty years of personally cleaning Dickles’ room, he has never tipped her. She makes a valuable discovery while cleaning a room. Or did she? A major secret is revealed.


Located in the heart of sunny, downtown Tucson, Arizona, the Hotel Congress is at the hub of Tucson history and nightlife. The Copper Hall is the premier event facility at the Hotel Congress that combines modern flare with classic elegance.



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