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Casting Call, Bi-Lingual promo/trailers - stipend

Need Bi-Lingual Actresses as On Camera Talent for 4-6 minute promo (Tucson)


Date: 2012-12-01, 9:06PM MST

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In mid-December (yes....that soon) an Academy Award Winning Director will be shooting TWO similar, bi-lingual, videos to be used for promotion and funding of two, unrelated, productions by two, unrelated, producers in Tucson. More than a little strange to suddenly have two similar productions come up in the same time frame like this.

Video #1 will be used to promote and obtain funding for a proposed Spanish speaking feature length docu-drama, with broad release, which will chronicle the life of an historically important person in the southwestern US from around the 1500's. The promotional video will be shot in Tucson and requires one BI-LINGUAL (English/Spanish) female actress and, possibly, one BI-LINGUAL male actor for on camera, scripted shooting which will take about a half day on a single location, and of course some time to learn the lines. Age is not a huge consideration but, if you think of this as a sales job, the ability to come off as mature, knowledgeable and sincere on camera is a must. There will be a small stipend and of course the opportunity for a part in the feature length docu-drama upon funding and commencement of principal photography in Tucson and Southern Arizona which IS a paying gig. The timeline for the promo is tight as the producer wants the finished 4-6 minute piece, plus post production work done and ready for distribution by the first week in January. Head shots and performance resumes and interview will be discussed individually.

Video #2 will be used to promote and obtain funding for a proposed on-going series of scripted 15 minute installments of a Tucson based, BI-LINGUAL episodic series for web release. There is a rather long script treatment that I will share individually but, as one of our production assistants said, "the series will be rather like a Tucson based Sex in the City...without the sex." An episodic story of 3 women that have been friends since high school and pretty much do what 20-somethings do as we follow their scripted daily lives. One strong draw to this series is that it is BI-LINGUAL. That is, fairly randomly the actresses will switch from English to Spanish and back with the appropriate, opposite, subtitles on the bottom of the screen. A great way for both Spanish speakers and English speakers to start to pick up a second language in the midst of the entertainment of the programs. The timeline for the promotional video is rather tight as the producer wants to have the finished product ready for distribution by the middle of January. This promo will take most of a day to shoot at several locations in Tucson. There will be a small stipend for shooting the promo but, more importantly, if you are the right person, upon funding of the first 3 episodes, you could well one of the 3 actresses in this on-going adventure.....which IS a paying gig. Head shots and performance resumes and interview will be discussed individually.

NEITHER of the above productions absolutely requires professional actresses but that would of course be a big plus. However I've often found that 2nd year theatrical students often have enough of the basics that the lack of a resume is replaced by the enthusiasm of a fresh face. You'll also have something to PUT on your resume and demo real. 

Video #1 needs a smooth, very professional approach and Video #2 needs 3 women who can interact in a rather carefree, fun and "best friends" setting.

As always (although more so on these two than normal) time is tight so if you are comfortable including head shots and resume information or even a link to your demo real in your initial response it could well speed up the project but if not it will NOT count against you. Too much strange shit going on in the world is a difficult thing.

Upon contact we'll send you our web address so you'll understand that we've been doing this since the mid 70's and that we're taking this Craigs List approach to see who new pops up that isn't with one of the (sigh) "professional acting agencies." My fear is that we won't find that "new face" and will have to fall back on plan "B"....the agencies (sigh....again).

BY THE WAY: We are also starting the hunt for a bi-lingual screenwriter who would be comfortable in the 3 girlfriends social/comedy/drama series noted above as Video #2. A paying gig. This person would almost certainly also become the Script Supervisor during production and might well handle the bi-lingual captioning during post production editing, Both of which are also paying gigs. If you ARE this person, or KNOW this person, please contact us.


·         Location: Tucson

·         it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

·         Compensation: Small Monetary Stipend, lunch and a copy for your demo real.



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