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IFASA Mixer: Dec. 18th @ 6:30pm (Gentle Bens)


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December 18th at 6:30pm – Gentle Bens Brewing Company
(865 E. University Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85719)

The Dec. 18th IFASA Mixer / Elections will be held upstairs at Gentle Ben's Brewing Company!  (Worry not—there will be no political ads!) 

Put on your favorite (or craziest) Holiday adornments and come join with fellow filmmakers and media people for a festive and lively celebration of yet another great IFASA Year—while looking forward to our Future!

Meeting starts at 6:30PM and there will be complementary appetizers!
(Wow—free food too!) 
Bring a friend and some business cards, and be prepared to add awesome new people to your phones directory  (what used to be called “little black book”).

Free parking in the Tyndall Avenue Garage after 4:00 PM if you leave after 8:00 PM

Gentle Ben's Brewing Company -

Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage - 880 E 4 St - Tucson, AZ 85721



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