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Saturday Workshop for Actors with Steve Anderson, MFA


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with Steve Anderson, MFA


Saturday, December 15 from 12:00-4:00 p.m.

Kino School

6625 N. 1st Avenue


Fee:  $40

(limited to 10 participants)


This four-hour workshop is designed to relieve tension (good, especially during the holidays) and to carry a new sense of relaxation and openness into performance.


This workshop will include an introduction to 'Tanaka Min,' a little-known form of relaxation that allows the actor to relax and be deeply grounded in wonderful ways.  It helps shed the tension that constrains impulsiveness and creativity and allows the actor to experience something that is often hard to achieve...true stillness, connection, and the sense of peace and freedom that comes from it.  This alone allows the actor to be radiant and compelling without any notion that the performance has to be 'forced' or 'pushed.'


We'll also share in a guided meditation designed to clear out the gunk, wipe the slate clean, and refresh the spirit.


The improvisation work is about process, not product, is without judgment, and allows the actor to focus on single layers of performance so that they may become truly engaged in the moment.  It's not a 'louder, faster, funnier comedy improv' kinda deal.  It's about being connected to intention, sense of place, breathing & relaxation, stillness, etc., and having faith in the fact that you are enough, just as you are...and that you inherently embody everything you need to fulfill a powerful nuanced and performance on stage or screen.



"I know a gifted teacher when I see one; Steve is that to a superlative degree."

-Patrick Baliani, Playwright/Professor, University of Arizona Honors College


"Steve is the most gifted and empathic director I've worked with."

-Harris Kendall, 10 years as 'Marie' on "Days of Our Lives"


"I feel like all my acting troubles disappear when I'm working with Steve."

-Judith Eisenberg, Phoenix Actor


"I still remember his work fondly, and do wish he was among our faculty."

-Mark Charney - Director of Theatre, Clemson University

National Coordinator of Criticism & Dramaturgy, Kennedy Center ACTF


"If there's a better teacher within 500 miles, or a thousand miles, I'd like to know who it is."

-David Greenwood, Actor


"I learned more working with Steve than I did in my previous 18 years of acting.  Steve's arsenal helped me book national commercials in the U.S. and Spain, as well as shows on the Discovery and History Channels."

-Guy Castonguay, Actor



To register, please send Steve an email at steve@steveandersonacting.com.  You will then receive a registration form via email, which you may either send in the mail or bring with you to the workshop (it's an honors system).  :-)


If you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to call or write at any time.  More on Steve's background can be found at the website below.


Steve Anderson





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