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Casting Call, Trailer for movie


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Casting date and location:  August 13;  63 E. Pennington, Tucson, Az.  Call 331-2749 to schedule times, email headshots and acting resumes to


No Pay, but possible casting for screenplay production if selected.



·         Tury Mendez- Main lead age 30-40; Latino.  Martial artist with an un-orthodox style.  CANNOT look like a master of martial arts.  (more mixed martial artist than traditional karate stylist)   Tury is guarded  and withdrawn most of the time….tends to choose privacy as opposed to social activity.

·         Lisha Collins-  age 22-26, of color, but either looking more Anglo or Mulata.  Sassy and guarded, but a    fighter and tends to keep others at a distance.  Small in build and stature; but in shape.  Eye candy.

·         Angie- 40-55; Anglo female, (homeless bag lady)   Mother-hen type, but not overbearing.

·         Phil-     age 50-?. Anglo; unshaven but not full beard;  dishelved homeless man; wino.

·         Steve-  60-75; Anglo east coast wit, anglo, homeless man with a sharp tongue and quick wit.  Short in Stature but a “tough-old” bird.  White hair, slightly balding, but slightly stocky and in shape.

·         James-             18-22; Anglo. Medium-tall  blond young man.  Sassy, outspoken.  Rocker spirit. 

·         Antonio-   Hispanic age 30-35;

·         Diego-      5’8”-6ft.+ , bouncer/bodyguard build and stature. Hispanic

·         daughter      Age 6-7 Hispanic child

·         Wife             25=30 Hispanic



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