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The Tucson Community Theater Company premier performance and Grand Opening


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The Tucson Community Theater Company


The Tucson Community Theater Company launches it's premier performance and Grand Opening night this September 16th at 6:30 pm with "The New American Candidate."  The play runs after opening night for three weeks. TTCTC is five years in the making, and what really sets the theater apart is that every play produced is by 100% local talent, including the writing. The company also makes sure that the younger generation have equal presence in all aspects of our productions to build future audiences.


The first production is "The New American Candidate," a perfectly timely fit for the political season.  Written and starring Patrick James Carson, the play, in hilarious, dramatic and captivating style, follows 93 year old presidential candidate Jonathan Parker as he not only chronicles the history of of democracy leading to our current political 

climate, he eventually suggests the one single answer that we all so desperately seek . . . or do we?


Mr. Carson's screenplay "Elevator," was recently adapted to the upcoming film, "Nine-Eleven," starring Whoopie Goldberg and Charlie Sheen.  "Elevator" was also produced as a play and performed for a 5 day run on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 at the Proscenium Theater at Pima College's Center of the Arts.  


Dates and showtimes:

Sept 14th, 6:30pm (opening night celebration); Sept 15th-17th at 7pm;  Sept 18th at 2pm; Sept 22-24th at 7pm; Sept 25th at 2pm, Sept 28-30th at 7pm.



The Tucson Community Theater Company is incredibly pleased to be hosting our Grand Opening and first play run at the GLH Hotel 14,000 square feet Events Center Building (formerly Luxe Resort). The management has offered a partnership that allows us to use nearly all proceeds--for the entire first three week run--to raise money for a new permanent building.  Please purchase a ticket (or two) and help us find a new home! And enjoy our show! 




1365 W GRANT RD, TUCSON, AZ 85745



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