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Fox Tucson Theatre presents WHOSE LIVE ANYWAY?


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Sep 10 2016 @ 7:30 pm


Join the cast from the Emmy Nominated TV Show Whose Line Is It Anyway for Whose Live Anyway? It’s 90 minutes of hilarious improvised comedy and song.

See some of your favorite Whose Line games plus some new ones. Bring your suggestions and you might be asked to join the cast onstage!

It’s always a new show and it’s always hilarious!

Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Jeff B. Davis and Joel Murray leave their audiences gasping for breath with their quick, interactive responses and witty scenes, invented on the spot, right before your eyes. Professional improv at it’s very finest!


Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles began his comedy career at a Punchlines Comedy Club in Vancouver in his last year of high school. He was a good student but had flexibility in his schedule which gave him time to perform at night plus work part time for his Dad at a fish plant. He quit high school a couple months short of graduation to work in comedy.

In spite of his parents objections, he worked in comedy and was able to support himself for several years performing, writing and working on Television in Canada.

In 1986 he became part of the cast of The Second City during Expo 86 in Vancouver. After that run ended he moved to LA to briefly join the Second City cast there and then moved to Toronto where he was chosen to be a cast member of The Second City mainstage company. It was there that he honed his amazing improvisational skills.

After a couple years in Toronto, Ryan moved to LA once again and landed several guest roles on The Garry Shandling Show, Mad About You, Who’s The Boss?, Weird Science, The John Larroquette Show and Murphy Brown and of course the British version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? came along.

In 1995 he landed a regular role on The Drew Carey Show which lasted several seasons on ABC. It was Ryan and Drew that pitched Whose Line to ABC. Drew hosted it and Ryan became a starring fixture on Whose Line even drawing blood for his comedic efforts in one episode.
Greg Proops

“Here he is, though, in front of a live audience each week, bravely recording some of the boldest comedy on the podcasting frontier right now.”

-Rolling Stone Magazine

Greg Proops is a stand up comic from San Francisco. He lives in Hollywood. It’s not that bad. Really. The Proopdog is best known for his unpredictable appearances on Whose Line is it Anyway? He can be seen on the New Season on the CW.
Professor Proops has a hit Podcast called The Smartest Man in the World. He has recorded it live in Australia, New Zealand, Montreal, Edinburgh, Dublin, San Francisco, Oslo, Amsterdam, Austin, London, Paris aboard a ship in the Caribbean and somehow, Cleveland. Find it at or iTunes.

Greg has lent his voice to Star Wars the Phantom Menace and was Bob the Builder.
Mr. Proops has been a guest on Red Eye, The Late, Late Show and Chelsea Lately on E!
You may Socially Network with Greg on Twitter at @gregproops and tumblr at

Jeff Davis

Jeff B. Davis is a multi-talented actor/comedian, born and bred in Los Angeles, CA. His career began at age 4 as “Linus” in a terribly ill-advised, all-children production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown at the Goundlings Theater. On opening night, Jeff vomited all over his director, then turned and took the stage. At age 9, Jeff was cast as “Louis” in Yul Brynner’s final production of The King and I, which toured nationally and closed on Broadway when Jeff was 11, after nearly 800 vomit-free performances.

In high school Jeff began improvising with Los Angeles ComedySportz, eventually learning the skills he’d later need as a frequent guest on the hit television show Whose Line is it, Anyway? Jeff has a long list of TV credits, including Steven Martin’s NBC comedy The Downer Channel, WB’s On the Spot, NBC’s Happy Family, the Sarah Silverman Show, Drew Carey’s Green Screen Showand Improvaganza, to name just a few. Jeff spends many nights of the year performing live with “Whose Line” stars Ryan Stiles and Greg Proops to standing ovations all over North America. When he’s not on stage, Jeff is in Hollywood trying to break George Clooney’s record of “most failed television pilots.”

Jeff is currently a guest on CW’s reboot of Whose Line is it, Anyway?, and can be heard on the highly-acclaimed, deeply weird Harmontown podcast with NBC’s Community creator Dan Harmon. Listen at your own risk.

Feel free to bother Jeff on Twitter @JeffBryanDavis.

Joel Murray

Joel Murray is the youngest of the funny Murray brothers and like Bill and Brian, Joel is an alumnus of the famous Second City Chicago. Joel has joined Whose Live Anyway as the main go-to guy.

Joel starred in the 1990 television series Grand, the 1991 comedy series Pacific Station, Love and War as Ray Litvak, and as Pete Cavanaugh for several seasons on Dharma & Greg.

Joel Murray’s first film role was in the 1986 comedy film One Crazy Summer as George Calamari. His other roles include the 1988 comedy film Scrooged, with his brothers Bill Brian & John. He starred in the 1992 movie Shakes the Clown.

In the first, second, and fourth seasons of the Emmy Winning AMC TV series Mad Men Joel Murray appeared as copywriter Freddy Rumsen. He has made guest appearances on television shows such as The Nanny, Two and a Half Men, Malcolm in The Middle, Criminal Minds and Blossom.

In the 2012 film God Bless America he portrays Frank, a man whose contempt for superficiality and meanness in American society sends him over the edge and into a killing spree.

In the 2013 Pixar film Monsters University he provides the voice of Don Carlton, a middle-aged monster who is a college student and salesman.

Joel makes his home in Los Angeles with his wife and family and is an avid golfer. He is a partner with brothers Brian, Bill and John in the Caddy Shack Restaurant.

Bob Derkach – Musical Director

Bob has been keyboard player for Whose Live Anyway since it’s inception in 1999. He also performs with Drew Carey’s Improv All-Stars and with Women Fully Clothed . Bob was the musical director/composer/keyboardist for The Second City Theater mainstages in Toronto ON, Edmonton AB and Santa Monica CA from 1981-2006.

In addition to his continuing compositional and sound design work for film, television, dance and theater, Bob’s soundscape ‘The Winds of Mars’ opens Visions of Mars , which is an extra-terrestrial DVD-ROM artifact created by The Planetary Society as a time-capsule greeting for future settlers of Mars. It remains on-deck NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander which successfully landed in the northern arctic region of Mars on May 25th, 2008.

Bob has released 6 CDs of original electronic and piano music available on iTunes and at CD Baby. Visit his website Turn up the speakers and click on the Planets!



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