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Ballet Rincon's Swan Lake


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Opening a week from Friday. Tickets selling fast. Ballet Rincon's Swan Lake:


It is Prince Siegfried's birthday and the kingdom has gathered to celebrate. The queen presents her son with the gift of a crossbow. She informs him that as the time has come for him to marry. A ball will be held the next evening, to be attended by young princesses from across Europe. The prince is to select the one who pleases him most. Siegfried is distraught that he cannot marry for love. As the party ends, a flock of swans flying overhead catches the prince's attention. He reaches for his crossbow and heads out into the night.

At the lake, Siegfried encounters a magnificent flock of swans. He aims his crossbow but is startled when one of the swans transforms into a beautiful woman. It is Odette, Queen of t...he Swans. Captivated, the prince approaches her. She is frightened but reveals to him that she and her companions have been placed under a spell by Von Rothbart. By day they are swans, by night they are human. This spell can be broken only if a man promises his love and remains faithful to that vow. Von Rothbart appears. Siegfried seizes his crossbow, but Odette shields the evil enchanter, for if Von Rothbart should die the spell could never be broken. Von Rothbart escapes. Siegfried goes back to the lake the next night. Odette appears and they express their love. At dawn the maidens change back into swans. Left alone with Odette, Siegfried declares his eternal devotion. Odette returns to her enchanted form.

Guests arrive for the ball. The princess brides dance for the prince. Siegfried's thoughts remain with Odette. He tells his mother that he will not marry any of them. Trumpets sound the arrival of two additional guests: Von Rothbart and her daughter Odile, who is enchanted to look like Odette. Siegfried is convinced he has found Odette again. Siegfried and Odile begin to dance. He declares his desire to marry Odile. The Queen approves, but Von Rothbart demands that Siegfried swear an oath. The prince complies, and their true identities are revealed. Siegfried sees a vision of the weeping Odette and realizes his mistake. He flees to the lake, in search of his beloved.
Join the cast of Ballet Rincon, and featured guest artist Christer Everly (University of Arizona School of Dance), for this enchanting production of Swan Lake on June 2nd and June 3rd at 7pm at the Vail Theatre of the Arts (10701 Mary Ann Cleveland Way).

Also featured on Saturday, June 3rd, at 2pm is the Spring Showcase featuring tap, jazz, contemporary pieces.

Reserved Ticket Pricing: Orchestra $16.00 per adult, $14.00 for seniors and children.
Mezzanine $12.00 per adult, $10.00 for seniors and children. 

Online ticket sales at

Tickets will also be sold at the theater box office starting one hour prior to each performance

For more information call Ballet Rincon at 574-2804
Studio Website:

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