Monday, May 08, 2017

The Community Playhouse presents "Norman, Is That You?"

The Community Playhouse  presents "Norman, Is That You?"


"Norman, Is That You?" is a hysterical glimpse into the life of Ben Chambers, a unassuming dry cleaner from Dayton.  If you have ever felt like the world has just unloaded on you, then you will sympathize with Ben.  Life hits him with both barrels and after a few misguided attempts to change things, he realizes it is easier to accept things as they are rather than try and make things what they never will be. 


Crisp and witty dialog. together with clear and insightful ideals make this one of the funniest comedies of it's time.  Updated by the original playwrights, the end result is a piece true to the original intent, but possibly funnier than its predecessor.  Runs May 11th through May 21st.  Note the addition of Thursday night performances for this play only.  Call 887-6239 for reservations or visit


1881 North Oracle Rd,  Tucson, AZ  85705 ~ (520) 887-6239


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