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Feature film shot in Tucson premiering Friday night to a sold out crowd


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Subject: Feature film shot in Tucson premiering Friday night to a sold out crowd


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Feature film shot in Tucson premiering Friday night to a sold out crowd of 400 at Old Tucson studios.

Avondale Pictures latest film "Amazed by You" Featuring War hero and former POW Jessica Lynch, and starring Richard Pryor Jr, Aaron Mees and Sarah Beth Short is having its west coast red carpet premiere this Friday night in Tucson.

Logline: What happens when "City Slicker" Christian Andrews (Aaron Mees) is thrown into a Cowboy World filled with five sisters, two bullies, a whole lot of cattle, one grungy dog and a woman (Sarah-Beth Short) who runs it all, with only his Faith to guide him through it?

Veteran Hollywood Film Producer with over 60 films under his belt Chuck Williams returned home to Tucson to make the feature film Amazed by You directed by Mark Hannah.

This isn't the fist film Chuck brought to the Tucson area. Chuck produced Groom Lake with Hollywood icon William Shatner back in 2002.

"Tucson used to be synonymous with film making. It was the Hollywood of the desert. We hope to see that happen again" says Tucson resident Steve Shermett. Steve helped produce the film and is one of the supporting actors. He's also cast as co-star in Avondale Pictures next film "The Righteous Twelve" shooting at Old Tucson next spring.

VIP Pass holders will meet the stars at this red carpet event. "It's a real blessing having our war hero Jessica Lynch with us this veteran's day weekend." says Williams.

Also present and signing autographs will be the stars Aaron Mees and Sarah Beth Short and many of the other cast members including Shermett.

(Richard Pryor Jr. sends his regards. He's filming elsewhere and can't attend).

A limited autographed DVD of the film is currently available to the public via Avondale Pictures website or their facebook page.




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