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UA Theatre's Studio Series presents MEET GENERATION Z


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Subject: MEET GENERATION Z in this Devised Theatre Piece by the UA Studio Series


The Death of MySpace. Talking to someone without meeting their eye & looking at your phone instead. Did you ever wonder why members of Generation Z do what they do or say what they say? Or how their whole lives can possibly revolve around social media? Come get insight into this generation that's never been at a loss for an emoji or known life without the Internet. Please find the press release attached in both PDF & Word formats for your convenience, as well as in the body of this email (latter w/o the fun graphic). You'll learn so much slang that you currently don't understand! Aren't you excited?


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F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

CONTACT: Lisa Pierce, Dir. of Marketing & Development w 520.626.2686 w

The University of Arizona School of Theatre, Film & Television


Approximate Run Time: 84 minutes w No Intermission w Annette Hillman, Director


November 10, 2017


UA Theatre’s Studio Series presents MEET GENERATION Z –

A Devised Piece by School of Theatre, Film & Television Students,

directed by Annette Hillman


Tucson, AZ – This piece explores the complexity, joys, fears and experiences of the generation that has never been without the Internet, lived in a USA not at war and never been at a loss for an emoji. The original script was developed through improvisation and autobiographical writings. The power of telling personal stories will let the audience “in on” these “Wildcats”: the good, the bad, the crazy and the love during the years that form our adult selves.

            Guest Director, Annette Hillman, says that she’s incredibly fortunate to be given this opportunity to explore, correct (or emphasize) the definition of who Gen Z is with this talented, brutally honest and ambitious cast. 

“I gave them free reign to explore topics and they ran wild with scissors,” Hillman said. “It’s really a thrill to invent a piece and see things that you’ve never seen on stage before and develop pieces within a collaborative. I feel I was given secret access to who they really are. They hit me with the real tea!”

If you don’t know what that last line means, Hillman says, “Look it up.” 

I was told by a GenZ-er to use the Urban Dictionary online. I did.


Dates & Times: November 16-18, 2017 at 8pm | November 19 at 2pm | Place: Harold Dixon Directing Studio, Room #116 in the UA Drama Building


Cost/Admission: $7 All Seats | Ticket Information: UA Fine Arts Box Office - or 520.621.1162


Parking: Park Avenue Garage, located on Park Avenue just north of Speedway Blvd.  Pre-paid parking is available for weekday performances. Saturday & Sunday there is no charge to park. If you have special needs for parking, please call UA Parking & Transportation Services at 520.621.3550.                                                   

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The University of Arizona
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