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STRADA COMPANY announces a new program: The Persistence Project


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announces a new program



Strada Company announces The Persistence Project, a venture capital fundraising program for women artists in metro Tucson.  This program is designed to empower women artists in all genres (writing, film, visual art, music, theatre, new media, etc) by providing them seed money to pursue projects and ideas that institutional arts organizations are unable to.  For more information, check out www.stradacompany.org/persistence-project.

"We think it's important for women to have some control of their artistic life. The funds we raise for artists is free to them and unrestricted," said Nicole Scott, director at Strada. "We sent out a survey this summer and 90% of artists in Tucson wanted a space to present and/or the materials to make their art. We want to help with that."

Strada has supported artists that are doing a special project like Johanna Lundy's recording project of new compositions for French Horn or harpist Mariah McCammond playing a fundraiser with ChamberLab. In some cases, we'll be supporting a particular artist, like theatre director Jasmine Roth, to work with a nonprofit theatre. Sometimes, we have just connected buyers to visual artists like Inna Rohr. The goal of the fund is to deliver $7,500 in the first year and $10,000 the second. "We've had to start small, but to quote Shakespeare, 'And though she be but little, she is fierce.'"


For information on supporting The Persistence Project or applying for support, please visit www.stradacompany.org/persistence-project, or email Nicole Scott at director@stradacompany.org. Or call 520-26101064. 



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