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The Rogue Theatre presents BACH AT LEIPZIG, opens THIS THURSDAY!


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"He makes even silence . . . gorgeous."

--Georg Schott, talking about Johann Sebastian Bach
in Bach at Leipzig  

Today is the 500th anniversary of the day when, according to legend, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg and began the Reformation. In just a few days, Bach at Leipzig opens at The Rogue and these characters, standing in front of the door of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig discuss Luther's historic moment. One of them even brings a hammer!

Although you don't need to do anything except come and enjoy this witty play about competing musicians in Germany, if you are one who likes to read up or "listen up" on the play, we have both a podcast (featuring True Concord's Eric Holtan) and an essay by Jerry James about the events and personalities featured in the play.  


Join us, dear Rogues, for Bach at Leipzig opening this Thursday.

A little laughter about the foolishness of humans is always timely!

All the best, 

Cynthia Meier 

Co-Founder of The Rogue Theatre 

Bach at Leipzig

November 2 - 19, 2017  

Directed by Cynthia Meier   

Musical Direction by Jake Sorgen

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 or call 520-551-2053 


Production Sponsors: John Wahl & Mary Lou Forier    


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