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Rick Wamer, Mime & Mika Deslongchamps Dance Theater Ensemble present Hallowed Ground: An Evening of Mime-Dance Theater


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Hallowed Ground: An Evening of Mime-Dance Theater

Rick Wamer, Mime & Mika Deslongchamps Dance Theater Ensemble

Vail Theatre of the Performing Arts

October 29 & 30, 2019

7:00 pm

Tickets: Brown Bag Tickets, and at the door.


Hallowed Ground: An Evening of Mime-Dance Theater


"When a performance starts, art happens," says Mika Deslongchamps Massey, co-collaborator/producer of the upcoming and highly anticipated Hallowed Ground:  Stories for the Season, An Evening of Dance-Mime Theater. The program celebrates stories and themes of the Halloween Season.  Deslongchamps, dancer of 25 years, choreographer, recent MFA graduate, and co-owner & founder of the recently opened Integra Dance Studio, will be collaborating and producing Hallowed Ground with Rick Wamer, a world-renowned physical actor, mime, director, and choreographer who makes Tucson his home.

For two nights only, October 29 and 30 at 7pm, audiences will delight in this spirited show that integrates the dance theater and theatrical mime of Mika Deslongchamps and Rick Wamer.  Wamer is well known to the Tucson community for his work with Lorie Heald and Theatrical Mime Theatre.

The evening will feature Mika Deslongchamps with an ensemble of dance theater performers in several pieces such as Dance Macabre and Edgar Alan Poe's, The Raven… that break traditional dance forms, and new or rarely seen works by Rick Wamer. His work is not what American audiences are used to seeing, especially when it comes to mime. He'll reprise his commissioned solo piece, The Sorcerer's Apprentice to the Paul Dukas score, and perform his rendition of local artist Grant Bashore's memorable work Dracula, with other pieces certain to thrill the audience as well as appearing in Deslongchamps' interpretation of The Raven.  The famed Marcel Marceau and long-time mentor of Rick Wamer, once spoke of Wamer's performance abilities as, "an impressive depth of interpretation and heart."

 Make sure to get your tickets, and be surprised, delighted, during this delightful evening of All Hallowed Eve inspired physical theatre treats!

Tickets are limited and on sale now for both October 29 and October 30.  Showtime is 7pm both nights.  Advance tickets are available for $15 general admission and $13 for students/seniors/military.  Tickets are on sale at, Brown Bag Tickets, and at the door.  Vail Theater of the Arts (VTOTA) is located at 10701 E Mary Ann Cleveland Way, Tucson, AZ 85747. Convenient and plentiful parking just 30 minutes from central Tucson.



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