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Tucson: Auditions for Short Film - tomorrow!


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Auditions for short film ALMA

Friday, June 23 from 9am-3pm at the University of
Arizona in Marshall
room 221.

The Marshall Building is on the corner of Park and
2nd Street (845 N.
Park) -- near the Marriot. Go to Media Arts, room
221 on the second

Actors will be paid $50 a day. SAG ok. The film will
be shot in 4
nights in Tucson, July 22-25.

Please schedule an audition with casting director
Cathy Conklin
299-2699 or <> .

For questions, contact director Yuri Makino
325-4003. If you are
interested in the project, but cannot attend the
audition, please
contact Yuri for a possible later audition.

Alma Synposis
Alma is 7-minute film featuring a teenage Latina,
growing up in
Southern Arizona unaware that she's not an U.S.


1. ALMA � at least 18 years old to play younger;
OR ONLY SLIGHT ACCENT. Alma dresses modestly and
doesn�t wear make-up.
She�s a first generation Mexican caught between
American and Mexican
cultures. Raised by traditional Mexican parents,
she�s used to obeying
their rules. But Alma�s wild friend Lupita is set on
showing Alma how
to break the rules. Influenced by Lupita, Alma stays
out past her
curfew and attempts to score beer at a convenience
store. After their
plan fails and Alma ends up drinking a large amount
of soda, she
witnesses an undocumented worker, someone she knows,
being arrested.
Fearing for her parents� safety -- for they too are
undocumented-- Alma
runs home only to find herself locked out for
breaking curfew. Sick
from her run, drinking 5 sodas, and fearing her
parents� arrest, Alma
vomits. Her parents think she�s drunk and make her
sleep on the porch.
Alma accepts her punishment without protest,
relieved that her parents
are safe.

2. LUPITA � at least 18 years old to play younger;
LATINA, big hair,
thick eye liner, tight low cut jeans and high heels.
Lupita is a
culturally assimilated third generation Latina, who
is trying to play
up her Latin roots. She�s sassy, has a flair for
drama, and likes to
have a good time. She convinces her friend Alma to
join her in
sweet-talking some men into buying them beers at a
convenience store.
When Alma gets cold feet, the girls end up with 6
giant sodas instead.
Alma, who has had her eye on Lupita�s red high
heels, proposes a bet.
Lupita agrees to it: if Alma drinks the remaining
sodas, she gets to
wear Lupita�s high heels. As Alma parades around in
her newly won
heels, a border patrol car pulls up. The girls
witness an undocumented
worker, someone Alma knows, being arrested. Suddenly
Alma takes off
running home, leaving Lupita behind. Confused,
Lupita calls after her.
Alma has lied to Lupita about her parents� legal

3. FRANCISCO � to play between 50-60 years old,
LATINO, fluent Spanish.
Francisco is a weathered farm worker with a
commanding appearance and
air of authority. As an undocumented worker, he has
lived a marginal
existence, trying to provide for and protect his
family. He is
paranoid of authority, overly protective of his only
daughter Alma, and
a stern patriarch.

4. ESPERANZA � to play between 45-55 years old,
LATINA, fluent Spanish.
Esperanza has lived a hard life working in the
fields as a migrant
worker. She suffers from poor health and she seeks
solace in her
Catholic faith.

5. BIKER � to play between 45-65 years. Weathered,
Hell�s Angel look.
Long hair and beard are a plus. Must be able to ride
a motorcycle.

6. CACAUSIAN GUY � to play between 35-45 years. Blue
collar. Must be
able to ride a bicycle.

7. SENOR VARGAS � to play 45-60 years old, LATINO,
fluent Spanish.
Undocumented migrant worker.

8. IMMIGRATION OFFICER MILLER � to play 30-35 years
old, any ethnicity.

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