Monday, June 26, 2006

Tucson: Casting Call - Actresses Needed For Spectacular Horror Short

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I not have investigated the legitimacy of these auditions. Please proceed with caution and ask lots of questions. Never pay a fee to audition.
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Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2006 9:30 AM
Subject: (talent gigs) Actresses Neede d For Spectacular Horror Short. (Tucson)

This short MAY HAVE some inadvertent T&A/frontal nudity in it. The story involves five young women who have a sleep-over to help one get through an ugly break-up. All wear various sleepware such as teddies, cami's/short-shorts, sheer nightshirts, sheer t-shirts, nightgowns, etc. No clothing is taken off during the film. Nudity may occur when the actresses flee from, wrestle with, fight the "monster" who attacks them. THERE IS NO INTENTIONAL NUDITY and NO SEX. There are five co-lead roles for women who can play 18-24. Previous acting experience preferred. Fight experience or training given preference. Must be in good shape and capable of physical activity. No preference to race or nationality. Talented and experienced people will shine through. The short is a promo for a feature film to showcase the story and actors to secure funding for the feature. Location is in north Tucson. Because of the potential for brief nudity, the set will be closed and only a skeleton crew used. Should we produce a micro-budget feature for direct-to-video distribution, actresses who "shine" in the short will have the inside track to portray the same roles in the feature, although we can't guarantee it. As in anything, it depends on your performance. The short is deferred pay but if the feature is produced, it will be a paid gig. If you are looking for a chance to break into bigger roles, add a great short performance to your reel or something else to boost your career, this may be the opportunity. Writer/director/producers are professional filmmakers with many years of experience in every aspect of cinema. The story is a kick-ass "SCREAM" type of project with fun stuff for every role. Auditions scheduled this week and next. Shooting is tentatively scheduled for early August. Please send head-shot/filmography to We will be back to the actresses we want to see in (fully-clothed) auditions. We look forward to working with you.
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