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In the Studio Series’ inauguration, university students conceived, developed

and produced this intriguing and inventive theatrical experience


During the mid-30s, the Federal Theatre Project produced a series of Living Newspaper performances that gave

spectators a way to understand the complicated political debates and economic circumstances making the daily

headlines. Power 2K10 will help today's consumers understand the basic concepts of green energy and the

politics surrounding sustainability. The performance, comprised of a series of scenes, draws from the Living

Newspaper's tradition of cultural criticism through comedy and satire.

Using the 1937 Federal Theatre Project’s production of Power as a model, students from the University of

Arizona’s School of Theatre, Film and Television have created a piece of theatre that addresses the current local

and national dialogues around sustainable energy. Both written and directed by the students, the production

explores the process of developing original work that is relevant to the University population as well as Tucson

audiences at large. Power 2K10 attempts to keep the tradition of socially engaging theatre alive by using the

Living Newspaper format of the 1930’s. This innovative experience will strive to inspire the local community

to make a contribution toward sustaining the health of our planet. Power 2K10 plays in Tucson in the Harold

Dixon Directing Studio in the Drama Building on the University of Arizona Campus, 1031 N. Olive Rd at the

southeast corner of Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard from November 18 through 21.

In the wake of the media’s frenzied current dialogues around green energy and sustainability, the creators of

Power 2K10 realized the need to be better informed on these topics. Using their diverse individual expertise in

the art form, these university theatre students will present their findings with the local audience in hopes of

encouraging them to think critically about these issues. Power 2K10 will be a tool for staging this

contemporary dialogue, a demonstration of the belief that theatre can help illuminate ideas that currently seem

trapped and overly complicated within a heated, rancorous partisan debate. Power 2K10, ideally, will deepen

the community’s understanding about the basic concepts of sustainability and green energy so that we all can

participate in a community discussion about these same issues. Equipped with a broader scope of

understanding of these complex subjects we will all become further empowered to make more sustainable

choices in our daily lives. For additional information on the project, contact Dr. Christin Essin at 520.621.8756



Power 2K10 will be directed by Rachel Lacy, senior BA student. Rachel is majoring in both Theatre Studies

and French. This is her directing premiere after assistant directing ART’s production of Violet in the spring of

2010. She would like to thank her family, Dr. Essin, Dr. Cole, Dr. McKean and Betsy Kruse-Craig for

encouraging her to experiment with theatre directing and for enabling her recent discoveries along the way.

The writers of Power 2K10 include Daniel Thomson (co-writer), a double major in Theatre, Film and

Television with his emphases in Theatre History and Producing. This is the first play for which he has written

and collaborated. He would like to thank his family and Dr. Chrisin Essin for their constant support and

encouragement. Jenny Wise (co-writer) is a senior studying Media Arts in Producing with a minor in Theatre

Arts. She co-directs the Charles Darwin Experience, the University of Arizona's only all-short form

improvisation group and works at the Rogue Theatre as an assistant to the directors. Jenny also recently

completed a semester abroad studying Film and Television at the University of East Anglia in Norwich,

England. This is her writing début.

The cast consists of Shannon Macke (actor/creator) who is in her fourth year at the University of Arizona

majoring in Theatre Arts with a minor in Special Education/Rehab. She is excited to be a part of this

revolutionary process and hopes audience members walk away with a greater understanding of what it means to

be a sustainable Tucson consumer. She says, “One person can make a difference, but together, we can change

the world.” Briana Polland (actor/creator) is a junior at the University as a Theatre Education major and Art

Education minor. She has worked with University of Arizona children's theatre groups, Education Theatre

Company and Stories on Stage. Past credits include Mary in The Children's Hour and Kate in Desperate

Ambrose. She would like to thank Rachel, the cast, crew, writers, and everyone who contributed to the creation

of Power 2K10. Logan Smith (actor/creator) never expected to be involved in a show that explores

sustainability, but is looking forward to the collaborative process. Ian Cipra (actor/creator) is a Sophomore

B.A. Theatre Arts major and a Communications minor working on his second Studio Series production. He last

played John Ball Jr and Matthew Miller in In Conflict. Some of his past favorite roles include Sonny in Grease

and Chip in Beauty and the Beast.

Additional creative team members include Sasha Piton (dramaturg) who is a senior at the University of

Arizona double majoring in Voice and Theatre Arts. Some of her favorite roles were for the UA Opera

production of La Perichole, as well as Isabella in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance opera scene. Prior

theatre credits include Summertime, The Most Massive Woman Wins, and The Vagina Monologues. Bette

Midler and her best friend inspire her daily.


Dr. Christin Essin is the faculty adviser and artistic consultant on the project. Dr. Essin is a professor of

theatre history at the School of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of Arizona. She envisioned

Power 2K10 as the inaugural event for the Studio Series based on her archival research at the Library of

Congress into the Living Newspapers of the Federal Theatre Project.

Syvana Bre Elias is the Production Stage Manager and Dylan Page is the Assistant Stage Manager.

The School of Theatre, Film & Television Studio Series is dedicated to supporting original and contemporary

pieces of performance through a ‘bare essentials’ production format that draws primary focus to the artistic and

intellectual labor of theatre students. Its community-centered, people-generated approach to performance

provides creative learning opportunities for student artists, thought provoking experiences for audiences, and

occasions for productive dialogue around topics relevant to student populations and the broader Tucson



Tickets are $7 for all performances and are available at or by calling the Fine Arts Box

Office at (520) 621-1162. The Fine Arts Box Office is located in the lobby of the Marroney Theatre near the

southeast corner of Park and Speedway. A 15-minute parking validation is available for walkup customers to

the Park Avenue Garage.


Bruce Brockman, Director Bobbi McKean, Associate Director

School of Theatre, Film and Television

1025 N Olive Rd, Drama Bldg, Rm 239

Tucson, AZ 85721-0003

phone: 520.621.7008 fax: 520.621.2412


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