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Casting call: Big Fat Cat Productions LLC is seeking a female child actor ages 7 through 10

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Casting call: Big Fat Cat Productions LLC is seeking a female child actor
ages 7 through 10. Adult supervision would be required at audition and at
the 3 hour shoot which would take place inside the Loft Theatre on Saturday
the 27th of February from 8am to 11am.

This is a "green screen" shoot with a green screen set up in stage in front
of which the actors would execute the scene. At least one rehearsal will be
needed prior.

The scene contains no profanity or questionable material whatsoever. The
child's character is that of a science brainiac who is carrying a clipboard
and a large book containing the events that will take place in the life of
her co-actor- who is about to be a college age Freshman astronomy major
with a 4 year scholarship.

The scene is about 5 to 7 minutes long and is a dream that the older girl is

She is very torn as to whether to take the scholarship money since her heart
is in music. She and the younger girl are walking around large planets
which will be created later digitally- and she is being asked by the
younger girl what notes they are each emitting.

The older girl is wrong each time and is feeling like an idiot. She gets a
lecture from the younger girl on the Music of the Spheres theory which
Pythagoras came up with and the large book is thrown at her- in which it
says that "her life will be beautiful and filled with music." She is upset
and does not believe it.

The younger actress we need cannot be too tall as the older girl is about 5'
2". Also it would be helpful if the younger girl had dark hair and had a
Latina or slightly Latina appearance. This is to match up with the older
girl's best friend who will appear at the window tapping to wake up the
older girl from the dream. The older girl feels that her friend as a child
(they've grown up together) has been the one lecturing her.

ONE TO: The child should have an
extroverted and precocious personality to come across as pushy. The older
girl is the opposite. Please feel free to call as well: 520-282-9915.
Thank you for your consideration. There will be no pay but the specific
scene will be uploaded for you, once edited- onto a CD and the entire film
will be given to you on a CD as well but that will not be until 2017. The
film will be submitted to the Hamptons International Film Festival among
others for 2017 consideration.

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