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Casting Call UA Student Short Film: Pizza


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Casting Call for a University of Arizona Short Film: Pizza

September 30th @ 1pm - 5pm

Harvill Bldg. Room 104 0 The  University of Arizona


Logline: When Mr. Sherman, an elementary school English teacher suspects his students of cheating, he goes to extreme lengths to uncover a scandal interwoven with passion and pizza.

Filmmakers are seeking  to fill the following roles:

Jane: Lead Female (Early 20s)

Description: A self-assured go-getter, Jane is an incredibly loyal teacher's assistant who slowly acquires deceptive motivations as the story progresses.


October 1st @ 11am - 5pm

Harvill Bldg. Room 104 0 The  University of Arizona

Filmmakers are seeking  to fill the following roles:

Principal: Supporting Male, Antagonist (50s)

Description: Carries himself very authoritatively and reinforces Mr. Sherman to take

control of his students. Has zero tolerance for cheating.

Ivan: Supporting Male (40s-50s)

Description: An empathetic, Russian masseuse whose war experience work as guidance

in Mr. Sherman's quest for answers.

Mr. Block: Supporting Male (40s-50s)

Description: A goofy math teacher who's always just outside of the inside joke. His

passionate and accommocating nature is always helpful in times of need.

Chef: Supporting Male (40s-50s)

Description: A robust Italian man with an intimidating presence who's not afraid to tell

things how they are in a blunt fashion.

Actors will be required to read scenes for the part(s) they wish to read for, which will be provided at the audition. Resumes and prepared monologues are optional.

This film is written/directed by Evan Colten, a senior in BFA Film program at the University of Arizona. For scheduling specific audition times or questions, please contact him or his producer/assistant director, Max Cunningham, at:

Evan Colten (

Max Cunningham (



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