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Master Class: "How to master the packaged audition" - no cost to attend!


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Not a Moment to Lose

How to master the packaged audition

A Master Class with Professor Jeffrey Ingman, MFA


This Saturday, September 10

Tucson High Little Theatre

400 N. 2nd Avenue

Session 1    9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Session 2     1:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Limited seating for observers is available for both sessions!


When it comes to the strict nature of packaged auditions, every actor must develop a way of working that is anchored in specific, powerful, and dynamic choices. “Not a Moment to Lose” gives actors the essential tools to master the art of auditioning.



What the packaged audition is NOT…


It is NOT like auditioning for a play. You can be a talented actor able to walk into an audition for a show and get cast, and still not know how to craft a packaged audition.



What the packaged audition IS…


It is a highly structured and timed system most often used in two settings: 1) entrance auditions into actor training programs, and 2) conference auditions hosting professional theater companies.



There are several steps and guiding principles for mastering the packaged audition, including finding the right material, crafting the actual audition, and developing helpful assessment tools.


The “I” monologue

There is such a thing as having the “right” kind of material. It’s called the “I monologue.” It is active and immediate, has a strong point of view, and reveals who you are.


The little play

The “little play” provides a framework with specific beats, allowing the actor to focus on performance while maintaining the structure of a packaged audition.


Self-assessment tools…

“Did they like me?” It’s an impossible question to answer after an audition. The real question is, “What did I actually do in there?” Learn to create an effective checklist that focuses on assessing your own work––the only thing that matters.


Mr. Ingman will be working with around 8 – 12 student actors during each session.  We have seats for 105 observers for each session.  Space will be given by a first-come, first-served basis.  There is no cost to attend!


To reserve your spot as an observer, please email Art Almquist and specify which session you would like to attend:


Tucson High is located on the southwest corner of Euclid and 6th street.  Parking is available in the 8th street lot, south of the school.  There are other events on campus that day, so parking may be limited.




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