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IFA Monthly Meeting: "The Tucson Film Office - a Primer"


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Independent Film Arizona - Tucson


"The Tucson Film Office - a Primer"


IFA Monthly Membership Meeting: October 4th at 7pm, The Art Institute of Tucson, 5099 East Grant Road #100, Tucson  

Open to the public

The Tucson Film Office will speak about their mission, how they promote Southern Arizona to the film, television, and commercial advertising industries, what types of projects they work on and why, and how they can help local independent filmmakers realize their vision here in Tucson. 


Monthly meetings will continue to be 7pm, the first Tuesday of the month, the Art Institute of Tucson.




On behalf of the Board of Independent Film Arizona, our members, our generous sponsors, and the industry professionals who offer their expertise and time at our monthly meetings, thank you for your interest and passion in filmmaking - we can't wait to see the next great film out of Arizona. Action!


Meet the Panelists 



Tucson Film Office

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Shelli graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in English Lit. She began her career in Tucson as a P.A. on commercials, progressed to producing her own documentaries and, later, was paid to produce hundreds of hours of community event programming (with literally no budget) for public television. 

She segued into Corporate Communications and marketing for a tech company in San Diego for 5 years and later moved to Los Angeles to work freelance in the independent film industry. While there, she wore many caps – Development Assistant, Production Assistant, Executive Assistant, Trailer Producer and Casting Director. It was never boring.

She moved back to Tucson to make Sundance award-winning films, but the Tucson Film Office director's job opened up, and the rest is history.



Production Coordinator
Tucson Film Office

Peter is an Arizona native who originally got his start in the entertainment industry through navigating the world of rock music, after which he was employed at the University of Arizona Library for 10 years. He has been assisting film productions in the Tucson area after joining the Tucson Film Office in 1999.





Contact: Anne Dalton

A screening of TROT, a short film documentary featuring Therapeutic Riding of Tucson. Directed by Anne Dalton in partnership with Evan Grae Davis for the Just Be You Project, 2016.

The IFA Documentary Workgroup is designed for people who have an interest in learning more about creating, developing, and producing documentary film. A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, awareness or maintaining a historical record.

At monthly meetings, we talk about documentary film in greater depth, watch educational videos on producing documentary, and have group discussion. We also offer opportunities to present your own ideas or talk about active projects, and receive input from the group on feasibility, funding opportunities, editing, distribution, etc.

The IFA Documentary Workgroup also hold workshops periodically for those interested in diving deeper into the art. Thank you for your interest, support, and commitment to filmmaking in Southern Arizona




Independent Film Arizona Docmentary Workgroup

More info: http://independentfilmarizona.com/documentary-film-group/


Conducted by award-winning writer, Genie Joseph

October 22nd
Register: lightwave7@hotmail.com
$40 advance reservations, $50 at the door
Genie Joseph Productions
More details to follow -- stay tuned for IFA News update. 

10% to benefit Independent Film Arizona

NINE essential Elements of GREAT DIALOGUE and the ELEVEN Fatal flaws that undermine dialogue.

Writing great dialogue is a combination of having a trained ear (knowing what to listen for) and learning basic technique.  This class helps you sharpen your ear, making your dialogue crisp, effective, suspenseful and memorable.  Great dialogue scenes have strong structure, which will insure that all your dialogue scenes have maximum impact.



3 Minutes of Film Festival!

Now accepting submissions: https://stradacompany.submittable.com/submit

Entry Fee: $10
Entry Deadline: October 1, 2016
Tucson Fringe Festival

Tucson Fringe and Strada Company are thrilled to announce the first annual 3-minute film festival. Why three minutes? Because new and emerging filmmakers often don't have the resources for longer pieces.

The Fringe, as you might guess, is putting special emphasis on alternative storylines, new ideas, artful concepts, and imaginative flair. Whatever you've got – HD Video, pocket camera, smart phone – if you can shoot video on it, you can enter the Three Minute of Film Festival
Each selected film will receive the Official Selection logo, a public screening and a chance to win cash prizes. How much? Depends on the number of entries and the attendance of the screening.
Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Audience Award, Best Narrative Film, Best Art Film, Best Writing, Best Director
The public screening will occur in late fall 2016 in beautiful downtown Tucson. 



Tucson Theatre Announcements List

Subscription information at TucsonStage.com



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