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COMEDY PLAYHOUSE presents “The Tarnished Toad” - OPENING TONIGHT


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3620 N. 1st Avenue (at Prince)

"Come for the fun of it!"


Join us as we tune in to the days of radio theatre!

"The Tarnished Toad"

A Reginald Rake Mystery Adventure

By Dave Sewell

September 23rd – October 2nd

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m.; Sunday Matinees at 3:00 p.m.


The Setting: Los Angeles, California, 1946

It was a small ceramic figure in the shape of a toad; ordinary, unremarkable, and yet it contained the stuff dreams are made of…

…or did it?

What was it about the mysterious green toad that inflamed people with a desire so great that they would lie, cheat, steal, or kill just to possess it? Was it truly an ancient artifact possessed of great mystic power, or just an elaborate hoax? One thing is for sure: the day the Toad arrived, the streets of Tinsel Town were soon covered in blood, bodies, and bad guys.

Join intrepid private eye Reginald Rake as he investigates the caper of The Tarnished Toad, along with Toots MacKenzie, his trusted secretary and all-around sharp cookie. In this radio-style mystery adventure, Reg and Toots run into a host of seedy characters and wise-guys the likes of which the City of Angels has rarely seen!

This Reginald Rake mystery adventure is brought to you by…VI-TREE-ALL! Now in delicious cherry color, America's favorite health tonic and household miracle is available at fine fictitious drug stores from coast-to-coast!


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$14 for students, seniors, and military. 

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