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Borderlands Theater upcoming shows: La Esquinita, USA and Guera


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A Great Start

A Great Start! 


2017 started off with great news. Borderlands Theater won two Tucson Mac Awards. 

A Best Drama award for Nogales: Storytellers in Cartel Country. And a Special Mac award for Barrio Stories in a newly created category for this innovative theater piece. Read the full article Here 



La Esquinita, USA

at Arizona Theatre Company
1/14/17 - 02/04/17   



What happens to a small border town when big promises from big business are broken? At a bus stop on the 40A Red Line, in cross-cultural hip-hop fueled language at once poetic and powerful, one of the southwest's premier Mexican-American writer/performers, Rubén C. González, presents a tour-de-force of interlocking stories: ten characters on a passage through a once-booming town, now forgotten. The main source of employment, Thompson Tire Factory, has gone overseas, leaving the town's infrastructure in disarray. Told by the wise, omniscient custodian, Lencho, and experienced through the eyes of 18-year-old Daniel,

La Esquinita, USA connects the disparate stories of those left behind - of the people we, as a society, systematically choose to avoid - into a captivating new American narrative of self-identity, unity, and peace. Much like the works of John Leguizamo, Anna Deveare Smith, and Danny Hoch,   La Esquinita, USA is a virtuoso solo performance - a gorgeous, brave story of love, forgiveness, and ultimate redemption. An Arizona premiere from the famed El Teatro Campesino.

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Special offer to Borderlands patrons: 40% off tickets (including premium seats) to LA ESQUINITA, limited to the first 10 tickets.Use Code BORDER





February 1 - 12

Written and Performed by Lisandra Tena

Structurally innovative and emotionally riveting, Guera is the nuanced, unflinching story of one young woman's struggle to survive while growing up with a drug-addicted mother and an overwhelmed, alternately tender and violent father. Drawing on years of supporting herself as a waitress, Tena offers her life as a menu of scenes- audience members choose the appetizer, entrée and dessert- will it be "Mom's Yard Sale" or "Promises, Promises?" "El Mexicano" or "The Talk?" No matter the choices, the audience will get the full story.

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Watch the Guera Trailer:


Temple of Music and Art Cabaret Theater, 330 S Scott Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701.
Tickets: $7-$26 with various discounts.

2/1 - 7:30 pm Preview (HALF OFF All tickets $7/$12!)

2/2- 7:30 pm Preview (HALF OFF All tickets $7/$12!)

2/3- 7:30 pm Opening Night Celebration: With light refreshments plus meet and greet the actor/plawright. ($26/$14)

2/4 - 7:30 pm ($14/$19.50/$23.50)

2/5 - 2 pm Matinee ($14/$19.50/$23.50)

2/8 - 7:30 pm ($14/$19.50/$23.50)

2/9 - 7:30 pm ($14/$19.50/$23.50)

2/10 - 7:30 pm ($14/$19.50/$23.50)

2/11- 7:30 pm ($14/$19.50/$23.50)

2/12 - 2 pm Matinee ($14/$19.50/$23.50)




THEATER BOX OFFICE AT (520) 882-7406.

In person at 4O W. BROADWAY, TUCSON 85701.







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