Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tucson: IF2 Casting Call



IF2 is presently accepting headshots and resumes for an upcoming independent film project to be shot in Arizona. The project, which is presently in the pre-production stage, is a tragic drama with mysterious elements. The film deals with the plight of two young friends who attempt to cross the Sonoran desert into the United States and the hardships they face on their journey.

Right up front we would like to make it know that this is a labor of love and personally financed project and as such it is a non-paid project. Our intention is to create a symbiotic relationship resulting in a mutual benefit for all parties involved. We have the script, equipment, behind the scenes talent and motivation. We need your on-screen talent, dedication and motivation to make this compelling film a reality which will benefit you as well as us.

What is in it for you?

Ø       Have your talents seen by film festival audiences.

Ø       Possible invaluable networking opportunity depending upon Festival acceptance.

Ø       A copy of the finished film for your reel.

Ø       An opportunity to practice your craft

For the record we will submit to numerous film festivals as there are countless opportunities for exhibition in this day and age as well as an equal amount of opportunities to be discovered.

There are several featured roles available including the two male leads as well as numerous other roles including reoccurring non-speaking extras.


Because the film deals with the issue of illegal immigration across the Mexican American border. we are looking for actors who speak Spanish and English and who have darker Latino features and complexions.


As for experience it is not absolutely necessary. we are happy to work with people who show promise and talent. Professionals are welcome as well so long as they understand that this is a non-paid project.

For consideration please send headshots and resumes to:

Please note that any materials sent will not be sent back.

Project dates and locations are as of yet to be announced. Please stay tuned for updates.

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