Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tucson: Indie film casting info

Dear TTA List Members,

Below is more information about the I-10 road trip movie coming through
Tucson. This is the 3rd announcment related to this project. To see
previous posts including the story, roles, and rules, go to


TTA List Administrator

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From: Madeline Hatter []
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 10:04 PM
Subject: Indie casting info

Hey, thanks again for your interest despite our lack of a budget, and even
more thanks for your patience.

I'll note ahead of time that we still don't want to know the design of your
character. This project is kind of a mockumentary. Things about it are
fake, but the cast's reactions to your improvisation are real.
And while we definitely want comedy, keep in mind that there's a
socio-political undertone to it.
i.e., gas prices rising, etc.

The driving route:
Atlanta to Montgomery to Mobile to New Orleans to Baton Rouge to Houston to
SAntonio to El Paso to Tucson to Phoenix to L.A.
L.A. to Las Vegas (if time permits) to Albuquerque to Amarillo to OKC to
Little Rock to Memphis to Birmingham to Atlanta

Additional scripted extras:
-[ATL] Ondray's Boss (has dialogue)
-[ATL] People in a restaurant (one girl has a line) -Cell phone girl (in
L.A.) -Guy pals of the Photographer's cousin (in L.A.) -the photographer's
dad, a former porn star who's most famous character was Vladimir Donkova
"The Red Rhino." He's now living somewhere in the Southwest. (he doesn't
ride, we'll visit him) _____________________________________

That said, I have audition info for you:

Include the usual: Name, address, phone#

Answer these questions:
1) Do you plan to play a scripted part or a rider?
2) If you're a rider, what are your pick-up and drop-off points? (stick to
places along the hwy)

Send an audition video, no longer than 5 minutes by email: send to by snailmail (DVD preferred, or VHS ):
Box 961004 / Riverdale, GA 30296

Do your worst!


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