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Tucson: Casting Call, EXTRAs for MAJOR MOTION PICTURE - paid


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                       Piranha! 3-D


From the director of The Hills Have Eyes and Mirrors (Alexandre Aja) Piranha 3-D is set to film in Lake Havasu from May 11 through the end of June!  Some of the producers of this film have such credits as:

 300, X-Men Origins: Wolverine & Titanic!

We are making the JAWS of our generation!

From the USA TODAY April 17, 2009:

“This sound familiar? Young people on spring break at Lake Victoria are in danger when a tremor unleashes a primal terror. A lone, plucky sheriff must keep the community and its visitors safe.

Jaws Gone Wild?

Not exactly, although in describing Piranha 3-D, producer Mark Canton invokes the 1975 blockbuster. "It's Jaws for a new generation."


We are looking for 18-25 year olds who look good in swimwear to recreate the perfect spring break that goes horribly wrong! J


Don’t Delay! Have fun in the Arizona sun, the beautiful waters of Lake Havasu . . . and this is PAID work! Along with pay, we are raffling off gift cards to an electronic store ranging in value from $50 to $1000! As well as catering food three times a day and discounted lodging if you are from out of town!  Bring your friends and make a vacation out of it . . . a vacation where you get paid, stay on the lake with other college kids, fed, chance at gifts and be a part of high budget major motion picture slated for release in the Spring of 2010!


Submit your contact information (email/phone #’s) and photos, full body & close-up, to:



Also follow us on MySpace, Facebook & Twitter for important info and updates!

Myspace:   www.myspace.com/piranhalakehavasu

Facebook: Piranha Lake Havasu

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Casting Hotline: (928) 575-6518

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