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Tucson: Casting for a recurring TV spot: Child actor + several other roles (PAID)


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Subject: Casting for a recurring TV spot: Child actor + several other roles needed (PAID)


I'm looking to cast some actors for a new TV campaign I'm working on.  We're shooting on May 15th/16th (reserving both days in order to work around the schedule of our child actor) in Tucson, and yes, this is a paid gig.


Here's what we're looking for...



'Otto'  -  Male, 5-10 years old.  Able pronounce/enunciate big words well.  Something along the lines of the cute kid in Jerry Maguire, but we're not locked in on hair color or anything like that.


'Bob' - Male, 35-45.  Otto's dad is clean cut, handsome, and always smiling.  He's Mr. Brady, but without being stuck in a timewarp.


'Barb' - Female, 35-35.  Otto's mom is also clean cut and full of cheer.


'Betty' - Female, 13-19.  Otto's big sis fits right in with the rest of the family (Otto's the black sheep, so to speak, if you haven't guessed that already).



We're also casting several 'man on the street' types with speaking roles.  These roles can be male or female and can range in age from 16-65+. 


If you think you're a good fit, you can reach us at...



...Headshots are great, but if you have anything available online that shows you in action we'd love to see that as well!


Thank you very much.





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