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Tucson: Casting Call - Feature Film MATTIE SPRINGER - paid

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Mattie Springer is set in the old mining town in Vivian, AZ in the early
1900's. Mattie is a young woman who faces many trials as she enters
adulthood. She looses her Mother and baby sister to cholera, her Father
and younger sister are shot by the infamous Lockett gang, and her sister
Sarah and Billy are missing.

The whole theme of this feature film is Christian and why God allows bad
things to happen to good people.

AUDITION DATES: April 15, 16, and 17th – by appointment only

Production Dates: May 27 to June 24

Locations: Mostly Gammons Gulch and Wolverton Ranch

We are also looking for people with their own horses and are experienced

And we are looking for background actors who have their own costumes
(western, 1900's look) for various scenes.

MATTIE SPRINGER age range 18+ to play 17 year old
Mattie is the lead, she is full of life but has suffered many tragic
events in her life. She gets married to Zebediah and he does not treat
her kindly.

MARY (30 to 40)
Mary is Mattie's Aunt, she has two young boys.

CLARA (25-35)
Clara is Parson's James' wife. She is also very proper, yet has the
confidence to defend herself when necessary. Clara needs to be
comfortable shooting various guns.

ELLEN (18+, to play 16 year old)
Ellen is Mattie's cousin and helps Mattie shop for her wedding dress,
which she is very enthusiastic about, since she will be next in the
family to get married.

SHOP KEEPER (40 to 60)
Her and her husband run the dress shop where Mattie buys her wedding

WOMAN (25+ to any age)

JACOB (22 to 26)
Jacob is the lead, he is soft spoken and shy. He is Zebediah's brother
and he is in love with Mattie. Jacob is a miner and he passionately in
love with Mattie.

ZEBEDIAH (25 to 30)
Supporting, strong, VERY GOOD LOOKING, cowboy type. Jacob's brother.
Zebediah and Mattie get married.

JESS (45 to 50)
Mattie's father. He is a hard working miner, who is dedicated to his

LOCKETT (any age)
Very mean, does not care about anyone but himself. Lockett is a claim
jumper who kills people for their gold. Lockett is the infamous leader
of his gang.

Good old cowboy.

PARSON JAMES (28 to 40)
Married to Clara and he absolutely adores her. He loves the Lord and
wants to make a difference and is always willing to help others. Very
friendly, outgoing but in a quiet way.

CHUY (25 to 40)
Hispanic. Member of Lockett's gang. He is willing to kill.

WALT (35 to 50)
Member of Lockett's gang. Mean.

NATE (35 to 50)
Member of Lockett's gang

BENJAMIN (40 to 50)
Mary's husband and Mattie's uncle.

SWEDE (30 to 50)
Assayor. Rotund with a good old boy look. We are looking for someone
like Tom Massey.

Traveling judge. He marries Mattie and Zeb.

SARAH (F) age range 11 to 14
Sarah is Mattie's sister.

BILLY (M) age range 10 to 12
Billy is Mattie's brother, he is full of spunk and can be a trouble

KATHERINE (F) age range 6 to 10
Katherine is Mattie's sister. She is sweet and innocent and Daddy's
little girl. Katherine gets shot and killed by Lockett's gang.

Please send us your headshot, resume, and reel or a website. Please
indicate whether or not you have your own wardrobe.

SAG Ultra Low Budget film (contract pending) – so union and non-union
actors please apply.

Auditions will be by invitation only, because we are looking for
specific types and building the cast around our leads.

CREW: we are also looking for all crew positions, please send resume

PAY: Depends on Experience, $100/day for actors with their own horses,
Meals, Lodging if needed.

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