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Tucson: OCKHAM'S RAZOR - Local Feature Premiere! at Loft Cinema

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OCKHAM'S RAZOR - Local Feature Premiere!

Thursday, April 30th at 7:00 p.m.
Admission: $7.00 general; $5.00 students and Loft Cinema members
Proceeds will benefit the non-profit Loft Cinema and the 2009 Swim for Cures
charity, The Interfaith Coalition for the Homeless.

Catch the Tucson premiere of local filmmaker Jeremy A. Harkin's debut film
OCKHAM'S RAZOR, with live music by musician Johnny Ash before the movie!

Andrew Baker (Jeremy A. Harkin) seems to have it all--a wonderful job, a
home, and an amazing girlfriend. But when his better-half Nicole (Kyra
feels pressure to submit a painting for an internship at a museum that
her artistic talent on an ex-boyfriend (Andrew K. Christian), things take a
dramatic turn, and Andrew begins to question if it's a wonderful life after

After turning to her art teacher (Lynn Gregson) for advice, Nicole must make
some tough decisions that could either strengthen or end her relationship
Andrew, as well as determine whether or not she gets the coveted museum
internship. Will Nicole choose love over art? Can Andrew win Nicole back?
Although the old song says, "You can't always get what you want," maybe
and Nicole will both find what they're looking for, if they just look hard
enough ...

Filmed throughout the scenic Old Pueblo, and featuring an entirely
cast of talented actors, OCKHAM'S RAZOR is a romantic comedy with an edge
will keep viewers guessing right up until the end.

Visit the movie website:

Visit the Swim for Cures website:
(Ockham's Razor, dir. Jeremy A. Harkin, 2009, 60 mins.)

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