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Tucson: Casting Call, Feature Film "D.I.Y"


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The feature film, D.I.Y., will be shot in Tucson this summer.  We will hold auditions for the male and female leads this Monday from 6 PM to 9 PM, by appointment only.  (Location will be provided with appointment time.)  The character descriptions are shown below.  If interested, please send your headshot and resume to for consideration.


D.I.Y. was written and will be shot by Derek Griffith (DP on Trade In and various award-winning shorts).  The director is Ryan Glenn.  Producers are Brian McLaughlin (Good Boy) and Shanna Brock (2AD on Trade In).


D.I.Y. is a coming of age film about a young man who starts an independent punk rock label.


This is a micro-budget film with deferred payment.


Shane, 18 year-old male – 5’ 10”  -- 166 lbs – Thin – Trendy hair – smart talker

Represents the complete face of punk rock today and believes that bands should share in the success because one cannot succeed without the other.  He believes in sharing the wealth equally amongst bands and the DIY label.  Shane’s internal objective: to learn to believe in himself and to believe in his own truth -- fulfill his dream to realize that his vision was worthy.  Learning the power of self-worth and self honor ... his honor turns the punk rock scene to follow him.


Bo, 17 year-old female – 5’ – 115 – round innocent face – dark hair

Reflection, romance, and Mentor character -- realist and methodical ... keeping him from his creative tangents.  She would always say, "Do what you think is right" even if he has a dilemma of choosing different paths.  Never manipulative.  Bo’s Internal objective: to find her own bliss & find something to believe in.  She will arc to supporting Shane's powerful vision once she understands it.


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