Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tucson: Casting Call: The Gene Generation: War of the Bloodlines

From: Pearry Teo
Date: 2/9/2010 7:32:55 PM

The Gene Generation: War of the Bloodlines is the sequel based on the original film, The Gene Generation.  Bai Ling (The Crow, Crank 2) returns to reprise her role as the assassin in Pearry Teo's post apocalyptic action film.  The first movie is out now on DVD via Lionsgate at all major retailers.  The film will be SAG Low Budget.  Non-SAG people welcomed for auditioning but consideration will only be based on exceptional talent.

The sequel will take place shooting in Tucson, AZ on the beginning of April.

Audition Time and Place:
Saturday, Feb 13th, 11am - 3pm

200 S, Alvernon Way
Building 1, Rm 4
Tucson, AZ 85711


Desperate to bring her beloved brother back from the dead, Michelle ventures into the desolate Badlands in search of a mysterious scientist who may hold the secret to life after death.


Turning her back on her old life as a government assassin, Michelle takes on a new mission – to track down Rotor, a legendary scientist who may hold the secret to life after death so she can resurrect her beloved brother, Jackie.

Her journey takes her to the Badlands, the lawless fringes of society where isolated Outposts are kept in check by nomadic bands of ninja-like Shadow Hunters.  Raised among the Shadow Hunters is the beautiful and deadly Angelica, the mysterious girl who feels no pain.

From the desert, a ruthless gang of genetically engineered bio-punks emerges, convinced that they are the incarnation of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Led by their visionary prophet, the Horsemen terrorize the Outposts, slaughter the Shadow Hunters and steal Rotor’s equipment, hoping to use his technology to resurrect the one they call the Beast – the Antichrist.

Drawn together by this common enemy, Michelle, Angelica, and Rotor reluctantly join forces.  Can they overcome their own differences and personal demons in time to stop the Horsemen from unleashing Hell on Earth?

We are looking for the following roles.  Director is open to different looks, ethnicity, and sex unless the story calls for such.

Angelica - FEMALE. Small, slim, built, and martial arts efficient.

Rotor (SPECIALTY ACTOR) - MALE. Elderly, skinny male. No more than 4' tall.

Caim - MALE. ASIAN. Well built and muscular

Shadow Hunter Leader - Must be physically fit

Apep - Very thin, Very old. Height preferred

Abaddon - MALE. Built like a tank. Body builders preferred

Moloch - MALE. Animalistic traits. Odd structured

Erinyes - FEMALE. Physically fit

Sides are available at

Please contact  for details and booking audition times.  Send headshot, resume and contact info


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