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Tucson: Casting a comedy web series: Finley Wade - 2 more audition days

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We have added two additional audition dates; Feb 23rd and March 02.
Please read the information and contact me with a headshot and resume
regarding a specific role not just a generic "whatever"
thanks so much,


Casting a comedy web series: Finley Wade
approx 80 mins/over 12 episodes

A small time private investigator agrees to help her dead ex-partner
solve his murder.

Production company: Fried Egg Films, LLC
(check out our last critically acclaimed web series Crewing Up
_www.crewingup.tv_ <> or our short films and
documentaries at <>)

Writer/Director: Melissa Cushman Banczak
Assistant Director: Jonathan Ziegler

Tucson, AZ
There are two audition dates available. February 23rd from 6-9 and March
02 from 6-9.
Send headshot, resume, and contact information to
<>_ to
set up a time and receive sides. Please don't send a generic email
requesting any role. Read the information below and ask for a time
regarding a specific role.


Finley Wade will screen once as a feature in Tucson. Additional nights
may be added depending on ticket sales. Pay will be a net % of box
office (gross minus theater rental) for principal cast and a net % of
DVD sales. Non principal cast will receive a stipend upon completion of
their roles.

*No roles are race specific.*


*Finley Wade:* Female lead. 20's to 30's. She's a private investigator
who considers herself a voice of reason in the crazy world around her.
We'd like to see someone who could not only shoot herself out of a
hopeless situation but might scream like a little girl when discovering
the unexpected dead body. She is in a relationship with Zelda.
*Zelda: *Female lead. 20's to 30's. Finley's live in girlfriend. A
method actress, she takes on a new persona every time we see her. She's
funky, off beat and totally original. Piercing and or tattoos are great.
*Walter: * Male lead. 20's to 30's. Zelda's brother. He is Finley's
partner but is more interested in the trashy romance novels he writes.
He takes everything in stride, including being shot in the first episode.
*Crazy Girlfriend: *Female supporting. 18 to late 30's. Walter's crazy
girlfriend. She likes to help him reenact sex scenes from his trashy
novel in public places.
*Tony: *Male supporting. 20's - early 50's. He's a cop and Finley's cousin.
*Constance: Female supporting. 40's - 50's. *A grieving widow*. *

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