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Tucson: WAVE RAVE!! Water-Themed FUNdraiser & Aquarian/Piscean Birthday Bash! Sat.Feb.27

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From: THE WATER PROJECT- Tucson's Synergistic Water Festival
Subject: WAVE RAVE!! Water-Themed FUNdraiser & Aquarian/Piscean Birthday
Bash! Sat.Feb.27

"THE WATER PROJECT: Tucson's Synergistic Water Festival"
and "Synergy in Symbiosis Nexus" present:


Water-Themed FUNdraiser and Aquarian/Piscean Birthday Bash!


Water-themed costumes, stilts, hoops, glow poi... all welcome and

SAT. FEB. 27, 2010
7:30pm - 2:00am
Presentations: 8:30pm
@ Rhythm Industry Performance Factory
1013 S. Tyndall Ave. (1 block W. of Park Ave, just S. of 20th St)
$10 suggested donation (benefits both projects!)

7nfoRed (Atmosphere Engineers, Tuson)
Humation (Ras Reuven, Tucson)
Jay Eric (Overmind Works, Tucson)
Jumbafri ( / FormB Music, Phoenix)
Moksha Mind (Overmind Works, Phoenix)
Vostek (TheNext.Us, Tucson)
* Watery world-ethno-dub-step-psy-trance-glitch-hop genre mashup!

More about our hosts:

"THE WATER PROJECT: Tucson's Synergistic Water Festival", March 26-28,
celebrates, educates and facilitates creative problem-solving to
protect our most precious and endangered resource - WATER. The
festival features an Enviro-Vendor Fair, policy panel discussion,
roundtable brainstorms, film series, performance, art happenings,
water ritual, costume after party and more!

"Synergy in Symbiosis Nexus" (TheNext.Us) is a new website aimed at
networking sustainable communities worldwide, to facilitate free or
work-trade education on sustainable practices in every arena to assist
in the efficient reallocation of resources, promote collaborative
sharing of skills and resources, and appreciate the value of
community. Be one of the first to beta test the site!,,

PS- The festival's Director/Producer (Jodi) and the Event/Sponsorship
Coordinator (Victoria) share the same birthday (Feb. 24th). Join us
in celebrating their birthdays and the birth of all days at the Wave
Rave on Feb. 27th.

Also, check out this article in the Tucson Weekly's Q&A about the
festival and its Director!:

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

THE WATER PROJECT: Tucson's Synergistic Water Festival
March 26-28, 2010
520.791.9359 (office)
267.334.7857 (mobile)
PO BOX 545, Tucson AZ 85702

Thank you for supporting proactive and creative solutions!

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