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Tucson: LOST - A FUNDRAISER benefit for Arizona Onstage Productions


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Sunday, February 28th at 1:00 p.m.


Admission: $8.00 general; $6.00 Loft members
Proceeds benefit Arizona Onstage Productions
and The Loft Cinema

Experience the stunning stage musical LOST: A MUSICAL FABLE on the Loft's big screen at this special cinematic presentation of the highly acclaimed 2008 production by Arizona Onstage Productions.
Plus, enjoy a collection of unique short films by LOST's musical composer, Jessica Grace Wing!

LOST: A MUSICAL FABLE CD's will be available for sale at this screening.

Arizona Onstage Productions presents a new vision of Hansel and Gretel – told with fantastical words, music and images of Appalachian folklore to create a haunting, classically flavored musical.

The two abandoned youths are welcomed by witch/priestess Mamba and her clan of ghosts, both the mythical and those based on American history, including Ivy, a Salem witch burned at the stake, Silas, a Confederate Soldier shot in the stomach, Little Wing, a Native American whose family, starving after Europeans came, left him to die and Mazy, a black slave who was abused by her Master and Mistress. These are joined by White Fawn, a talking/singing deer and various ghosts/hoodoos from Appalachian folklore, including the Bell Witch, Wampas Cat, Stephen Bishop, Martin Stone and several others straight out of the Tennessee/Kentucky Great Smoky Mountains' legends and oral history.

This 90-minute production features a cast over 20 performers, life-size puppets and orchestra. During its sold-out New York City run, LOST received unanimously glowing reviews:

"A Sparkling score…perfect!" – The New Yorker
"Extraordinary, brilliant, breathtaking and exhilarating" – NY Theater

Although Tucson-based 32 year-old composer Jessica Grace Wing lost her battle with cancer weeks before the premiere of LOST, she will be remembered for many things, including her part in bringing this dynamic journey of music, folklore, and imagination to joyful life.

Contains some mature subject matter. This presentation was filmed at Arizona Onstage's live production of LOST: A MUSICAL FABLE on November 9th, 2008. Video production by OPEN LENS PRODUCTIONS

(LOST: A MUSICAL FABLE / Music by Jessica Grace Wing, Book and Lyrics by Kirk Wood Bromley / Running time: 90 mins.)



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