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Tucson: LNT@the Alley presents The Mexican by Tomas Ulises-Soto



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Beowulf Alley’s Late Night Theatre

The Mexican by Tomas Ulises-Soto

Funny, Foul-Mouthed Attack on Racism and Border Politics


The Mexican Poster - NL

Late Night Theatre at Beowulf Alley, 11 South 6th Avenue, Downtown between Broadway and Congress, presents The Mexican by Tomas Ulises-Soto. Performances are on Friday and Saturday March 5th,, 6th, 12th and 13th  2010 at 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $8 cash at the door. For additional information, please call (520) 977-5218.


The Mexican tells the story of an alleged illegal immigrant shot and killed near the Mexican border and a distracted, intense team of Americans trying to resolve the issue in a heated political climate. Foul-mouthed, funny and controversial, The Mexican looks at border issues from the point of view of a writer trying to tell the story of his brother’s death, and the political climate that fosters racism and ambition, but little humanity. A segment of Tomas Ulises-Soto’s trilogy Mi Hermano Fue Asesinado en America, The Mexican is in English. This play has adult themes and language.


The Mexican features Evan Engle, Maggie Guzman, John Russell, Julio-Cesar Sauceda, Kyra Weinberger and Andrew Wolverton. The play is directed by Michael Fenlason, with original music by Skads Muskie and Anthony Sanchez.


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