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Actor Casting Alert for Sheraton Hotels Resorts - Phoenix - PAID


From: Good Faith Casting, LLC [] On Behalf Of Good Faith Casting, LLC
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 11:08 AM
Subject: Actor Casting Alert for Sheraton Hotels Resorts




Good Faith Casting, LLC




Please review the following casting alert from our office.  Please only submit if you are an excellent match for this project.


PROJECT: Sheraton Hotels & Resorts


We are casting for a marketing video for Sheraton Hotels & Resorts .


TYPE OF JOB:  Marketing Video

UNION STATUS: Non-union only.

RATE/USAGE:  Principals will be paid $500 plus 20% agency fee paid by the client, per day, flat fee for unlimited usage of marketing video.  The marketing video will also be used on the company website with unlimited use as well. Extras will be paid $100 plus 20% agency fee paid by the client, per day, for the same usage described herein.



We are looking for all types of people (All ethnicities. Ages 20 - 55) to be upper-middle class resort-goers, guests and resort staff.

BELLMAN (Male. 20's. Open Ethnicity) Friendly, fit and helpful. He's always there for the resort-goer.


LIFE ENTHUSIAST (Female. 30's-40's. Open Ethnicity) She may be at a resort, but she knows she is only a click of a mouse away at the resort's online cafe. She is confident, tech savvy, in control and getting some work done before a day of relaxation.


MEETING GOER (Male. Early 40's. Open Ethnicity) He can have a meeting from anywhere -- like the lounge. His iPhone by his side, he conducts the meeting effortlessly in his modern jeans, cool shirt and relaxed way.


RESORT MAN / RESORT WOMAN (30's - 50's. Open Ethnicity). This couple has just open the door to their room. They drop their luggage and are ready to relax!


AUDITION DATE: Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 if selected and by appointment only.

AUDITION LOCATION: Good Faith Casting, LLC, 4700 N. Central Ave., Suite 208, Phoenix, AZ 85012


SHOOT DATES: March 29th - April 1st, 2010.




Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA, Head Casting Director Film & Television / Owner

Leigh Ann Dolan, Casting Director
Chris J. Bowe, Commercial Casting Director


1. Send an email to with the subject line reading "SHERATON:(role you are submitting)" ex: "SHERATON: Life Enthusiast".
2. Attach a current, color, low resolution photograph
3. If you have a resume, please attach a copy of it to the email
4. In the body of the email provide us with your full name, cell phone number, the name of your agent if you have one, your union status, the city in which you live, and your email address.  Also include if you are willing to work on this specific commercial as an extra/background player.

Not all submissions result in an audition.  Please do not call our office to follow up or submit multiple submissions for the same job.  Do not send us links to other websites.  Do not hide your contact info within an attachment.  Do not say things like "you already know me" or "I am already in your database" as all submissions that do not follow precise protocol will be deleted and will not be considered for the project.  Do not submit if you are not a good match for the project or if you are not available for the either the audition date, callback date, or shoot date(s).  Please make sure you read this entire email before asking questions that may already be answered in this alert. If you are signed with one of our "preferred agents" you should ask that your agent submit on your behalf.  For best results, follow instructions exactly.  Please always be concise and courteous in your correspondence.


LEGAL WARNING: This information is for subscribed individual use ONLY.  To pass this message on to another individual, use the forward function key below.  Do NOT contact the client directly.  Do NOT post this casting notice to websites without our express permission and do NOT forward it to groups without contacting our office first.  Under no circumstances are you permitted to sell this information or use it to promote your own business.



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