Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tucson: Theatre lighting instruments for sale

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Lighting instruments for sale, Fesnels and Leicos, along with two A/B scene
control boards. Used to be used for lighting at small theatre in the SF Bay
area. all negotiable.

For info, email to jhatunen@cox.net or call 520.622.2812.

Dimmer board:

Teatronics Marathon 2400, Control unit and Power unit. Requires 220v

Dove Systems Scenemaster SM6. Requires two 110v inputs.

Audio mixer:

Tascam 424 Mark II

Fresnels, 6-inch, 500 watt, quantity 8
Fresnels, 6-inch, 750 watt, quantity 3
Scoop, 9-inch, quantity 2
Ellieptical, 6-inch, 750 watt, quantity 3

Assorted incandescent and quartz bulbs

Dave Hatunen
Tucson AZ +1.520.622.2812

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