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I am producing a student film series to be completed by May and looking for actors to participate. There are 5 roles to fill and below are the character descriptions of what I'm generally looking for. We will be shooting two short film episodes with a target filming date for the week of week of 4/11. Most likely 2-3 shooting days will be required. This is a student film so actors will most likely not be compensated monetarily but this is a good resume builder as these episodes will be posted online for viewing via YouTube and/or other outlets. Please email me if you are interested. There will be a casting call once we have candidates in line. Email me with any other questions you might have about the project. Thank you.

William is an intelligent, friendly, crafty, and powerful man is his early to mid 30’s who has become immortal and is tormented by the notion of finding another love. Used to have a great life as a doctor with his first love Rachel until cursed into a mystifying, vampiric state where he murders Rachel in a possessed rage. His curse lends him superpowers the average human does not have. He appears sophisticated and dresses well, he doesn’t age so he fits in to society and he has a handsome intriguing quality heir about himself that attracts people. Clean shaven, about 6’ feet 185 lbs, nice eyes.

Sarah is attractive woman with brown eyes and long brown hair, she has a short and thin build, mid to late 20’s, a girl that has the appearance of a stable middle-upper class family living environment. She is intelligent and pursuing schooling to become a doctor. Sarah is innocent, friendly, fun, and sympathetic. She has patience and is well put together with how she handles herself in public dress as well as speech wise. She investigates before assuming.

The estate owner and uncle of Sarah, in his 50’s. He is in pretty good shape but old age has slowed some of his movements. His dress is relaxed in long legged nightwear and an old t-shirt wearing slippers or socks. He has messy dark hair, a medium build, and glasses.

An attractive older woman in her mid 40’s with blond hair, a medium build, and a relaxed dress. She also wears glasses.

Late 20’s, troublesome younger adult. He is about 5’10’’ 175 lbs with a little brain but definitely more brawn. He doesn’t mind pain and loves adventure. He would rather cause a scene then lay low. Marty is extremely protective of his sister, which sometimes annoys her. Lack of substantial intelligence and awareness are a challenge that aid in his short temper. He has short blond hair, a beauty mark on his face, he is muscular with a medium build, he’s quick and his street smarts help make up some ground on the lack of education.

Logan Blaxton

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