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Tucson: AUDITION for a NEW MUSICAL COMEDY at Studio Connections

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“IN THE YEAR 2323”

Written by Tucson local Nancy O’Connor

Music by Lisa Otey

Directed by Samantha Cormier

We will be holding auditions for the work shopping of the new musical comedy “IN THE YEAR 2323”! Auditions will be at Studio Connections 9021 E Old Spanish Trail on Saturday April 3rd from 11:30am-1:30pm. Please have prepared one Jazzy song and one dramatic and/or comedic contemporary monologue . 

“IN THE YEAR 2323” is a futuristic musical that entertain the audience with songs, music and humor, dialogue and appealing characters while engaging their concern about the timely topics of overpopulation, pollution, global warming, scarcity, and the consequences for human survival. The major theme is TIME: Is there enough time for the characters to save themselves? The time to act to avoid worldwide disaster is NOW!



Harry- 35, baritone-tenor

Tom- 30-34. Tenor

Dick- Bass 25-29

Mary Kay- 35 soprano

Jo- Alto 30-34

Beth- mezzo soprano 25-29

Plus numerous character /chorus roles open

This is a wonderful opportunity to be part of something where we want your input, ideas and talent for a Musical that just might make all the way to the top! We will workshop character develop, plot point, major themes and ideas that will result in a full musical production. Who knows maybe even on Broadway! Cannot wait to see you all at auditions!

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