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Tucson: Art & Criticism panel discussion at The Rogue


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The Arizona Daily Star and The Rogue Theatre are hosting a panel discussion at 3 p.m. this Sunday, March 21, on "Tucson's Performing Arts and Arts Criticism." We hope to spark a discussion on the role of the arts and arts criticism in the Old Pueblo.


The panel will be monitored by Bruce Brockman, the head of the University of Arizona Media and Theater School. Panelists are:

            •  Jessica Andrews, arts consultant and former executive director of Arizona Theatre Company

            •  Lyn Tornabene, audience member, arts supporter, and one-time theater critic

            •  Joseph Thomas Tolliver, UA Associate Professor of Philosophy and Board Member of the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music

            •  Harry Clark, musician and co-founder of Chamber Music Plus Southwest

            •  Joseph McGrath, actor, co-founder of The Rogue Theatre

            •  Cathalena E. Burch, music critic, Arizona Daily Star

            •  Kathleen Allen, arts editor/theater critic, Arizona Daily Star

            •  Joel Revzen, artistic director, Arizona Opera


The panel will open with a discussion among the panelists, and will then move to questions from the audience.


With the changes in newspapers, including the Star, and the import of the arts to the local community, we felt it was time to have a public discussion.


Please join us at The Rogue Theatre, 300 E. University in the Historic Y, at 3:00 on Sunday and join in the discussion.


And please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. Seating will be limited!


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