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Tucson: film - NAMELESS TOMORROWS - additional cast and crew call

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We will be shooting April 10, 11, 17, 18, and one or two nights during the week. I am not interested in 16+hour days. I would also rather our evening shoots be over by midnight if not before, and take two evenings if necessary to complete the shoot.

The first shoot day will be a few miles south of Tubac. Maps will be provided.

Also, the week before, I will be have a pre-production meeting and party for all members of the cast and crew. We'll read the script, discuss it, and then proceed to more important matters....

My camera does not have a 100% reliable raincoat. We cannot shoot in the rain at night, because of the electrical equipment, although it may be possible during the day if there is a way to re-conceive the editing on the set to use it.

To clarify the sound process: Everything on the set will be recorded, and all dialogue will be replaced in the famous Domino Theatre Sound Booth (in my edit suite). All other sounds will be created there.

Still needed:


Two monsters. The first has a brief scene that will require acting talent. The second likewise, but also some more physical activity. Those of you on this list who have expressed interest in this: now is the time to make a decision.


Two gaffer/grips. This means, basically, that they manage power cables as well as usual grippy tasks. There will never be more than one domestic circuit required for all the artificial light in this production, so electrician's work won't really be necessary. One of these grips will be the dolly grip.

One continuity supervisor. Job description: keep the director from going crazy over continuity questions.

One craft services / backstage supervisor. Job description: manage coffee and the contents of ice chests; provide security for the backstage area just by being there.

Production Assistants. Two would be great. Job description: whatever is wanted or needed. Physically fit. If you know of potential volunteers who are dedicated/addicted to filmmaking, please give them my email address and ask them to write, or call me on my cell phone (see below). I want to have at least one for the Tubac site prep day.

All of you: please reply to this note and let me know if I can count on you for April 10, 11, 17, 18.

Have fun!!!

-- Paul

Paul E. Clinco

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