Monday, March 01, 2010

Tucson: Casting Call for a short film, Modern Limit Productions


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Casting Call



Modern Limit Productions has begun casting for a short film that will be shooting in late March. Locations and principal crew are set.


This is an excellent opportunity to get quality experience with a solid script and strong characters. Distribution will include top film festivals for shorts in Southern California as well as Chicago and New York.


Synopsis: Two drug dealers, a rich guy and a car collector’s world gets flipped upside down when an attempted robbery for a famous classic car goes horribly wrong and no one is sure who to blame or what to do.



We will be casting for the following roles, which will require a max of 3 shooting days:




 Myles - male, mid twenties, tall, handsome, clueless, lead



 Dee Dee - female, mid twenties, convincing, sarcastic, ringleader, lead



 Sonny - male, mid 40s to early 60s, overconfident, successful, grand, lead


 Archie - male, 40s to early 60s, intelligent, timid, supporting



 Frank - male, late 40s to early 60s, sophisticated, perfectionist, supporting




Please feel free to send a resume and headshot to


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